What Is Crock-Pot® Corned Beef and Cabbage?

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Crock-pot® corned beef and cabbage is a dish that is suitable for a holiday get-together or an everyday dinner. By taking advantage of the slow-cooking capabilities of this small kitchen appliance, Crock-Pot® corned beef and cabbage often contains very tender corned beef where other cooking methods tend to produce a tougher cut. For cooks on the go, Crock-Pot® corned beef and cabbage provides a way to serve a commonly time-consuming meal without the inconvenience of traditional cooking methods. The ingredients can be placed into the slow-cooker and left to simmer all day. The cook can serve the meal with little fuss after returning home from work, shopping or a day spent with family or friends.

Often consumed by many people on St. Patrick's Day, corned beef and cabbage is considered a traditional Irish dish. The difficulty in making this dish is often associated with the natural toughness of the corned beef. As with many beef cuts, the brisket area of the animal is an often difficult cut of meat to transform into a tender piece of beef. The grain of the brisket flows in several directions and often results in a very chewy and difficult-to-cut main course. The slow-cooker uses both low, moist heat and extended cooking time to soften the connective tissue of the beef, resulting in a typically tender corned beef.


By placing the cabbage, potatoes and carrots into the slow-cooker along with the beef, water and spices, Crock-Pot® corned beef and cabbage becomes a flavorful dish that blends the tastes of the entire meal together for a uniquely traditional Irish meal. Of course, the consumer need not be Irish to enjoy the dish. Another benefit in making Crock-Pot® corned beef and cabbage is that the cooker allows the dish to be taken to gatherings and served hot and fresh without requiring a separate warming dish.

The key to preparing the best Crock-Pot® corned beef and cabbage lies in the amount of liquid placed in the cooker. Since the Crock-Pot® corned beef and cabbage will not boil excessive amounts of liquid away as the meal cooks, only a small amount of additional water or broth needs be added to the ingredients when assembling the dish. Another tip is to always use the lowest heat setting and allow for the longest cooking time option to produce the most tender Crock-Pot® corned beef and cabbage.


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