What is Creative Leadership?

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Creative leadership is the concept that leaders who exhibit imaginative and inventive qualities are better able to impact individuals who work underneath them or who look to them for guidance. The concept also maintains that more creative leaders are better equipped to find unique solutions to complicated problems. In addition, this style of leadership is often driven by the notion that people can become more effective leaders if they are able to think and perform in original and innovative ways.

In recent years, creative leadership development has been extended to managers and other leaders within companies. Some companies have embraced the idea of creative leadership, believing that it will ultimately improve employee productivity and drive bottom lines. Many of these companies have invested in courses or activities that will help produce more leaders who are able to think outside the box. For example, some companies promote corporate leadership by sending managers and supervisors to leadership training courses and leadership coaching programs. Other companies use team building exercises to promote creative leadership and better communication skills.


Defining whether a person has creative leadership skills can be difficult, as it can vary depending on the situation. As a general rule, however, creative leaders are skilled at generating a great deal of ideas. Some of these ideas may be original while others may simply be different ways to reinvent the wheel. These leaders usually seek out ways to test their ideas, and they are open to suggestions for improvement.

By and large, creative leaders are considered passionate people who are able to think imaginatively about a situation while still maintaining a realistic outlook. This type leadership typically requires a leader to motivate others and to be sensitive about the needs of colleagues, team members, and subordinates. Most creative leaders have exceptional problem-solving skills. Intelligence and confidence are other characteristics that creative leaders typically possess.

Many creative leaders have a sound sense of judgment and do not make decisions without thoroughly understanding the consequences. Despite this, they can be characterized as dreamers. This is likely because they have the ability to imagine multiple ways of solving a single problem or of marketing and promoting a new idea.

Usually, creative leaders are independent people who do not require approval from others. Although they do not require others to approve of them, creative leaders typically have strong communication skills. In addition, they commonly possess a great deal of insight about themselves. The combination of good communication skills and self-awareness allows them to more effectively encourage and inspire other people around them.


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Post 2
@Mohawkninja - it is a new day, new workplace environment. It is true that "creative leadership" is a term that refers to a good boss, but I disagree with you, that is the same old thing as with yesteryear's supervisor. Yesteryear, it was "my way or the highway" or often an employee would work hard and never get credit for an innovative idea. The credit went to the boss-because there was no team player concept. Of course, as with anything, there were exceptions to the rule in yesteryear. Maybe you were lucky enough to have a boss that exhibited creative leadership qualities.
Post 1

I am sorry, but it sounds to me, that "creative leadership", is just a new way of referring to the leadership qualities of a good boss. I suppose, I am an old fogey, but the term, "creative leadership", is just another "everything old, is new again" concept. I mean, creativity in the workplace has always, "improved employee productivity, and drives the bottom line". New name is all.

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