What Is Creatine HCl?

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Athletes and other people who want to build muscle often seek out supplements to improve their ability. Discovered in 2003, creatine hydrochloride (HCl) is a substance that can increase the function of muscles. It triggers the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which stores energy within muscle fibers and individual cells. Creatine HCl can also maximize a person’s strength as well as the time he or she can work out. It typically does not cause side effects that can occur with other supplements.

Creatine HCl is soluble in water, so it can be absorbed into the bloodstream easier than similar products. Other forms could cause digestive problems, bloating, and water retention. People usually have to stop taking them because the substances can be harmful to the body if taken for long periods of time. The newer form can be used continuously without any detrimental effects on the body. There is no creatine loading phase and generally no need to go off the regiment after a certain amount of time.

Another benefit to creatine HCl is that it does not get converted to creatinine. This waste product can build up in the muscles and body from other supplements on the market. The newer form can also be absorbed by the intestines more effectively. A fraction of the dose is typically needed to increase muscle mass, strength, and endurance.


Creatine HCl has been developed based on molecular science and how it can best be absorbed into the body. The supplement often compensates for a lack of creatine in the diet, which can weaken the muscles and have a negative effect on people who work out. When levels are higher, muscles are stronger and endurance is increased. If the levels are too high, however, this can be an indication that the kidneys are not filtering it well. A blood test can show how much of the molecule is in the body, and a normal count can be determined by consulting with a physician on creatine HCl use.

There are many companies that sell creatine HCl. It can be helpful to research the reputation of each one and the benefits of specific products that contain the substance. Based on the individual product, there are often instructions on how to take it. Usually it is best to follow the specific details on administration in order to get the best results.


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