What is Creamy Lipstick?

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Creamy lipstick is a term that is used to describe lipstick of almost any solid color with a velvety finish. In most cases, creamy lipstick comes in deep or rich colors because the kind of finish on this lipstick usually lends itself well to these tones. Lipsticks that are lighter in tone are usually formulated so that they have a glossier finish. There are, however, some cases in which a very light or nude tone of lipstick will be made to have a creamy finish, but this is not the norm. In most cases, creamy lipstick comes in a solid form, but there are some creamy glosses that are packaged in the form of a viscous liquid that is applied with a felt-tipped wand.

Some people like to wear creamy lipstick because, in terms of its finish, it is between a glossy lipstick that reflects a great deal of light and a matte finish lipstick that reflects a minimal amount of light. Unlike matte and glossy lipsticks, creamy lipstick is often used to create natural looks and day looks. This kind of lipstick adds color to the lips without drawing extra attention to the lips with a loud or unusual finish.


It is very common for cosmetics companies to sell lipsticks in a number of colors and finishes. As such, it is not difficult to find creamy lipstick. Budget cosmetics companies that sell their products in grocery stores, drug stores, and pharmacies usually carry at least a few colors of lipstick that are formulated with a creamy finish. The same is true for high-end cosmetics companies that sell their products exclusively at their own stores or at high-end department stores as well as companies that fall between these two extremes. Creamy lipstick can also be purchased from companies that specialize in making custom lipstick colors.

Like many kinds of lipsticks, sometimes creamy lipstick is sold in packages that contain a few colors. This sort of package is useful for gift-giving purposes but can also be useful for people who are looking for a nude tone, a darker color that is good for day wear, and perhaps a color that is also good for dramatic evening looks. These sorts of packages usually contain between two and four colors of lipstick and may include a gloss or lip moisturizer as well.


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