What is Couples Massage?

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Couples massage has several definitions. It can be massage performed on two people by two massage therapists, simultaneously and in the same room. The two people don’t have to share a romantic connection. Alternately, this can refer to massage for couples performed on each other, which may or may not have a romantic or erotic component.

The first type of massage is growing in popularity, and if both members of a couple enjoy massages, they may wish to share this experience of relaxation. There are numerous spas or massage therapy practitioners that offer couples massage. As mentioned, the couple doesn’t have to be a romantic couple. It could instead be best friends, siblings, or any two people who feel comfortable enough being relatively undressed in front of each other. It is possible for a more modest massage by wearing undergarments or bathing suits.

Couples massage of this type can be of varying massage disciplines and it could have other features that are attractive, such as seaweed wraps, hot stone treatments, or time in a whirlpool. Occasionally, other services like facials, pedicures or manicures are offered too. For this type of massage to work best, it really needs to involve two massage therapists so that each member of the couple gets equal and consistent attention. This means this form of therapy is generally about twice as expensive as a regular massage, and price may go up with the purchase of extra spa services.


While many people enjoy couples massage, a few people don’t. The reason is that massage and relaxation can be very personal, and some people don’t feel they adequately relax around others. While this form of massage can certainly be worth trying, it’s also okay to pursue massage services separately, if it feels more comfortable.

The alternate form of couples massage is the massages couples give each other, and there are many ways to learn techniques of this type. A number of video or DVD programs exist that can help couples learn how and where to massage or alternately, massage practices could be taught at workshops. There are usually two distinct types of couples massage, and many subtypes.

One type focuses most on learning the techniques of massage therapists to aid a partner in relaxing. The other may be more focused on the sensual, erotic or tantric touch, where massage might be precursor to sexual engagement. People can find videos or in person instruction for either kind; any form of erotic massage instruction is likely to be extremely frank. There are also books or websites on both if people prefer to read about this subject.

With standard couples massage from masseuses, couples also have a chance to learn how to work with their partners. They can observe, to an extent, those practices which are most pleasurable or relaxing to partners. People can question masseuses about the types of moves they use to find out what benefits they have. This information can later be used at home to give each partner massages in between spa or masseuse appointments.


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Jason Meinhart
Post 1

It is important to note that Therapeutic Massage is any massage which is performed with therapeutic and professional intent. The reference to "sensual massage" fuels the stigma that massage is a "happy ending" relaxation session. True, therapeutic massage can induce relaxation, however it can be just as stimulating as it is relaxing, or it could be completely physically stimulating with no sedative attributes whatsoever. (Not sexually stimulating.)

Depending on the modality or modalities used, the intent of the therapist, the desired result, as well as the rhythm, speed, and depth, you can achieve different results. Too often, massage therapy has been discredited, has lost respect and been compared on some chart synonymous with prostitution, and this is hindering the progression of bodywork as a valid form of medical assistance for the body's natural and desired ability to heal itself. Tantric touch is not the same as massage therapy, and thus should not be compared with it.

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