What is Corvina?

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Corvina is a kind of wine grape that is native to Italy. It is also sometimes referred to as Cruina or Corvina Veronese. This wine grape is most commonly grown in a northeast region of Italy called Veneto. The grapes that come from this vine usually yield wines that are red in color but light in flavor. They often have a subtle fruity flavor and may also taste of almond.

Regionally, this kind of wine grape is used to produce the Valpolicella and Bardolino varieties of wine, which usually conform to the flavor profiles described above. Corvina is often used with other varieties of wine grapes to create wine blends. For example, in the Bardolino blend, Corvina grapes make up about 70 percent of the blend. The Garda Corvina blend usually uses 85 percent of the grape. This latter blend usually includes Barbera and Marzemino grapes.

When Corvina is used in blends it is most commonly combined with grapes of the Rossignola, Rondinella, and Molinara varieties. Much like the Corvina, these three kinds of wine grapes are also grown in the northeast region of Italy in Veneto. Other types of wine that are produced with this grape include Recioto and Amarone wines.


This type of wine pairs well with a number of kinds of Italian dishes. It is especially nice with meals that include pasta and marinara as entrees. Although it is a red wine, it is best paired with seafood dishes. This is an unusual quality as a there is a wine rule of thumb that red wine should be paired with red meats and white wine paired with poultry, fish, and seafood. This is an exception. Corvina is especially nice with very simple seafood dishes such as a fish grilled and lightly dressed with mild herbs or shrimp that are dressed with butter and light seasoning.

Amarone, which relies on this kind of wine grape, is sometimes used as an ingredient in risotto. In fact, risotto made with Amarone is a specialty common to the region in northern Italy where the grapes are grown. The wine offers a nice light acidity and flavor to the creamy risotto while also offering some appetizing coloring to the dish, which is otherwise often quite bland looking despite its delicious flavors and textures. Although this wine is most commonly found in northern Italy, it can also be found in other parts of the world to which it is imported.


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Post 2

There's one thing I've learned over the years about wine and that is that it should not be prejudged by its label or by its price tag.

Corvina wines are generally quite inexpensive and usually pretty bland in flavor. But I have to admit, that there's one in particular that passed this wine consultants taste test with two thumbs up, and that is the 2008 Torre del Falasco.

It has a wonderful wild berry scent with just a hint of licorice. The taste is slightly tart but smooth and well rounded with a splash of flavor much like almond and nutmeg. At just under fifteen dollars, this could be addicting.

Post 1

Corvina is also a name given to a wide variety of fish that belong to the scaienidae family. They're most often referred to as drums or croakers and are primarily a saltwater fish. This makes them an ideal choice for ceviche and other raw fish dishes.

One of my favorites is a yellow corvina hot and spicy Korean soup. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Probably it would pair well with a glass of corvina wine to wash it all down.

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