What is Corrugated Plastic?

Carol Francois

Corrugated plastic is a polypropylene plastic sheet product. This product is used to make a wide range of products for the consumer and industrial markets. It has many of the same properties as corrugated fiberboard, is lightweight, easy to work with and tough.

Corrugated plastic may be used to make small pet enclosures for guinea pigs.
Corrugated plastic may be used to make small pet enclosures for guinea pigs.

This material is widely used to make reusable plastic containers, packaging and commercial signs. Corrugated plastic is the packaging material of choice for automotive parts, agricultural product and electronic component. The material is reusable, washable and forms strong boxes.

Corrugated is a term used to describe a type of packaging material. There are two layers in corrugated packaging and both layers are made of the same material. The top layer is flat and the second layer is fluted or ribbed in a tight wave pattern. The two layers are glued together and this combination of layers results in a stronger material.

During the manufacturing process, these plastic sheets can be modified through the use of additives to provide enhanced ultraviolet protection, flame retardant, anti static benefits. A separate set of additives can also inhibit corrosion and provides wide range of other features to the material. From an aesthetic viewpoint, the material can absorb different colors and patterns as needed. This process helps in the identification and branding of the boxes, removing the need for additional labels.

These features have made corrugated plastic popular with hobbyists, who use it to make small pet enclosures for rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Simple plastic airplane design builders are another high volume user community due to the nearly indestructible properties of corrugated plastic. The number of possible uses of this plastic is quite wide due to the features of the material and how easy it is to work with.

When working with this plastic, pay attention to all the safety guidelines. Wear safety glasses and work in an area with good, overhead lighting. Plan your project in advance and make sure that you have all the materials and tools ready before you begin.

Corrugated plastic can be purchased in sheets from a wide range of home repair and craft stores. Specialty hobby shops often sell pre-packaged kits with this plastic for different modeling projects. These types of kits provide pre-cut materials and related parts in the exact quantity and shapes required to complete the project successfully. They are a great way to start working with corrugated plastic.

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