What Is Corrugated Metal?

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Corrugated metal is available in sheets with wavy ridges, looking similar to rippled potato chips. This product is used in construction projects for roofing or siding. Roofs have been constructed from this metal for many years, and this type of material is becoming popular again due to its durability. It is lightweight and economical to install, and can be used on commercial buildings as well as residential homes. This type of roofing material is highly durable and is able support a large amount of weight without buckling.

Corrugated metal siding can be used for industrial buildings, as well as in residential construction. It is also known as "architectural siding." Homeowners are impressed by the fact that these metal products may come with manufacturer's warranties of up to 50 years. Homes in coastal regions are more likely to use this metal, since it is a moisture-resistant material. It also performs well in environments where there is a threat of strong winds, significant accumulation of snow, or storms.

Corrugated metal siding is a fire-resistant material that is fire-resistant. It is a good choice for areas that are prone to termite infestations. Consumers appreciate the fact that it is a low-maintenance choice, and that it may be less expensive to install than other building materials, such as brick, stucco, or concrete. This product can also be recycled, and this fact makes it attractive to homeowners who want to go "green."


There are a few disadvantages to using corrugated metal siding as a building material, though. It is an energy-intensive product to manufacture. In addition, the product does need to be grounded when it is installed to prevent electric shock.

Corrugated metal siding can be made from aluminum or steel. Aluminum is the material of choice in areas near the ocean, since the aluminum will react with the moist, salty air to form aluminum oxide. The result is a very durable coating that seals the metal and protects the product from wearing down over time. Since aluminum is a softer metal than steel, it can be damaged during hailstorms.

In areas that are prone to hail storms, corrugated metal siding fashioned from steel may be a better choice. It is less likely to be dented when hit by hail than aluminum is. This type of siding can rust over time, but it is possible to prolong the life of the product through the use of a corrosion-resistant coating.


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Can corrugated steel siding be applied over brick walls?

Post 2

@JaneAir - It is pretty neat that corrugated metal siding can be recycled. However, like the article said the process of making it isn't actually very "green."

I would urge anyone that is interested in this type of siding because of the environmental aspect to get recycled metal siding. Instead of just buying something that can be recycled, get something that has already been recycled. I know there are places that sell it and it's probably cheaper than getting it new.

Post 1

It sounds like corrugated metal is a pretty popular choice for siding for houses. I'm kind of surprised by this, because I can't recall seeing even one house in my area with metal siding! I'm pretty sure vinyl siding is the siding of choice where I live.

Corrugated metal sounds like it has a lot of advantages though. I like the fact that it can last so long and then be recycled. I don't think I currently own anything with a 50 year warranty!

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