What is Corrugated Aluminum?

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Corrugated aluminum is aluminum sheeting which has been pressed to create a ribbed pattern. It is classically used for siding and roofing on basic structures like sheds and shacks, and it may also be used as a design element in some architectural styles. Many building suppliers carry corrugated aluminum, with the capability of ordering specific sizes or styles by request, and it is also possible to order the product directly from a manufacturer.

There are several variations on basic corrugated aluminum. The heights and widths of the peaks and troughs can be varied for specific needs, as can the shape of the corrugation, which may vary from simple half-circle shapes to slightly squared designs. The aluminum can also be treated for specific climate conditions, or painted in a variety of colors. Some sheets come with predrilled holes for convenient installation, or with cut outs to accommodate various needs.

Builders utilize corrugated aluminum for basic projects for a number of reasons. The first is that corrugated aluminum tends to be fairly weather-resistant, and it can last even without careful maintenance and attention. The second is that this product tends to be cheap, usually much cheaper than alternative materials. In addition, it is very easy to install, which makes it appealing to do it yourselfers who want to get a project such as a storage shed or shelter for farm animals completed quickly.


In developing nations, corrugated aluminum is famously used in rural areas for all kinds of construction, including homes, barns, shacks, and stores. In areas without a readily available source of timber, corrugated aluminum is sometimes the most accessible choice of housing material, even if it is somewhat lacking in the insulation department. It is also easy for people to enact their own repairs of structures made from corrugated aluminum, since torn or damaged sheets can simply be ripped away and replaced.

Some designers like the look and feel of corrugated aluminum, and they may incorporate it into an overall design scheme to add texture and visual interest. Corrugated aluminum roofing can also be used as a temporary fix until a roof can be repaired or installed, providing protection from the elements at low cost. People also associate it with a rugged, remote look, which may be desirable for some construction projects, and when made from recycled materials, it can also be environmentally friendly, which may be an important feature for some builders.


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Post 2

Corrugated aluminum is used a lot because it is fairly inexpensive and not much maintenance is required.

The one thing I don't like about roofs that are made out of this material is that they are noisy.

We built a shed on our property because our garage was overflowing, and we needed a place to store some of our outside equipment.

My husband has a construction business on the side, and I was tired of never being able to park our cars in the garage.

When it rains, the sound of the drops of rain on the roof are really magnified. Even a light rain sounds like a major storm when it hits the top of the roof.

Other than that, the corrugated aluminum has been OK. It was also nice to have several different colors to choose from.

Post 1

When we wanted to put up a three sided barn for our horses, and to store hay we used courrugated aluminum.

It would have been really nice to have a 'real' barn built, but we didn't have the money for that. We still needed a place to store hay so it would be dry, and a place for our horses to get out of the bad weather.

We bought corrugated aluminum panels in a green color that blended in nicely with the trees that surrounded the barn.

That barn lasted us for many years, and we never had any trouble with it. It was maintenance free and didn't break the bank to buy the materials. My husband was able to put it up himself, so that saved a lot of money too.

I would use something like that again anytime we wanted to build another barn or shed.

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