What is Corporate Training?

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Corporate training is a means of ensuring that employees improve skills and enhance performance by focusing on professional development. Employers utilize training to acclimate new employees, teach current employees new skills for the same job, and to advance employees into jobs requiring different skill sets. Training could be specific to a company or it could be general. Many corporations have entire departments devoted to training and development of their employees with in-house instructors, training specialists, and technical writers who create instructional manuals specific to a particular corporation. Many corporations consider it key to provide training and development so that employees can compete on their behalf in ever-changing markets.

One area of corporate training found at almost every company is computer training. Technology demands employees stay abreast of software changes and advancements, and computer software programs change frequently. Training is often provided on general business software such as Microsoft® Office as well as software specific to a company. Internal computer programs at large corporations are sometimes developed by on site computer programmers, and this means every time there are changes to a program, employees must go through additional corporate training to learn how to maneuver through new features and functions. Computer training may be offered within a company, or employers may send workers to off-site computer training centers or pay for online training.


Leadership training is another popular area of corporate training. Companies need strong leaders and by offering courses and training workshops to current employees, they are able to build strong teams within an organization. Leadership training may include areas such as how to manage a meeting, how to give presentations, or how to influence and inspire staff. Leadership training is a great way for employees to advance to management positions and break out of entry level roles in a company. Some corporations may require leadership training prior to promoting employees to more advanced positions.

Other areas of corporate training include sales, time management, organization, communication, customer service, diversity, and interpersonal skills. Corporate training varies by company and is largely dependent on the area of industry involved. Obviously, technical companies will generally offer more computer and technical training, and companies in areas such as retail will offer more training in customer service and sales. Companies without an internal training department often hire specialists to give seminars and training courses to employees on-site, and many companies utilize online training options for employees as well.


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Post 3

Sometimes you can hire corporate training consultants to conduct these corporate training workshops.

Often a fresh face lends a new perspective to the learning material and professional trainers are experts in getting the audience engaged.

You can seek corporate training providers from ASTD. This stands for the American Society for Training and Development.

This organization offers bimonthly meetings and features a variety of experts in the field. If you work in corporate leadership training or any other form of training you should really consider joining.

They provide a wealth of information and offer networking sessions as well.

Post 2

I agree but sometimes face to face corporate management training offers more of an impact.

For example, if the corporate training seminar is involving sales, it is best to have a face to face meeting.

A corporate training workshop involving how to retain customers or how to build or close the sale is so important that the corporate training seminar should take place in person.

Here people get to ask questions and learn new sales techniques in order to improve their performance.

At home, you really don’t know if the employee really retained the information. They just might be reviewing the information quickly in order to pass the test but not retain much of the information.

Post 1

Corporate training programs offer corporate training development in a variety of ways. Some corporate training courses are offered online and can be completed in the comfort of the employee’s home.

The associate would have to complete a series of modules and perform a test at the end of the program. The results of the test would be sent to the training manager which would offer proof that the employee took the training.

This form of training is cost effective because the employee does not have to travel to a specific location and the productivity does not have to be disrupted because the employee can do the training at home.

Also, the software could be used repeatedly and

the company does not have to pay the salary of an in house trainer because all of the information is on the program.

This method also works well when the employees are spread out geographically. This type of corporate training course is most beneficial and becoming more widespread.

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