What Is Corporate Communication?

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A company uses a corporate communication team to serve as a liaison between the business and the general public. There may be an internal division within a company that is designed to provide communication services, or an outside, third-party firm might be hired to perform these tasks. Members of a corporate communication team have the responsibility to relay a consistent message of the company to the public, members of the media, and in some cases investors.

The best communication professionals are those who are not only familiar with the company's business and strategy but also those who know the entire industry. Media representatives can be especially pressing when there are questions surrounding an event or circumstance at a company. The more information that a communications professional is able to relay, the better. Corporate executives are not always available to comment and will rely on the ability of the communication staff to speak on their behalf.

Unlike a traditional corporate communication team, an investor relations division at a corporation is there to field questions from investors and inform the financial community about important events. In the event that a company does not have an investor relations team, members of the corporate communication division may fill this role. This could be the result of a short-term absence in the investor relations group, or it could be the way a company is structured. Employing highly versatile communications personnel improves the chances for success in a dual strategy.


Employees in a corporate communication division must have strong writing skills because these professionals may be called upon to write press releases about important company events. Content in a press release can run the spectrum and could include information about a merger, change in top management, or new product development. Also, in the event that a company cannot make an executive available for the media, a member of the communications staff may need to issue a public statement on the company's behalf.

Hiring an outside corporate communication team is an option used by some companies; this firm may be defined as a public relations company. Reasons for engaging an outside firm may be because the size of a company and resources are too small to include an internal corporate communication team. An outside firm that is in close proximity to the corporation is not vital, but it is useful because trust and accessibility are key components to the success of corporate communication.


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Post 3

The corporate communication employees are not just a medium through which corporate messages are relayed to the public. This team also has an active role in shaping these messages. So it's not just about communicating what is told.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- I don't think that type of thing ever happens to businesses because businesses work closely with their communication teams to make sure that all of the ads and messages are in line with the company's identity and brand. There is always someone from the company supervising and checking the communication that takes place on behalf of the company.

Actually, almost always, it's a division of the company that is responsible for corporate communication with consumers. So there is no issue of representing the company inaccurately. But I do think that you have touched on a good point. Businesses who hire the services of an external communication team must supervise the team closely.

Post 1

I used to think that communication teams for things like social media were only used by businesses and companies. But recently, I found out that even celebrities make use of communication teams. Some celebrities who are active on social media sites are actually not active. The person who is sharing through these sites are actually an employee of the communication team that the celebrity hired to represent them on these sites!

In a few instances, these communications teams have messed up big time by sharing messages that the celebrity would never share. So the fans and followers of the celebrity quick understood that someone else was behind the celebrity's picture.

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