What is Corned Beef Hash?

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Corned beef hash is a dish that begins with corned beef, a type of beef brisket that has been specially preserved, and combines it with onions, potatoes, and spices. Brisket is often a tough cut of meat and is usually slow roasted or cooked in a slow cooker over a matter of several hours. Corned beef can also be found in cans, and this version may be used in some versions of hash.

To make a "hash" of something is an English term for either messing up a situation or just throwing something together. Corned beef hash is one of those "throw together" dishes, and it has its roots in Colonial America, when corned beef was an important staple because it was preserved. People extended dishes and made the most of what they had, so cooking the end pieces of the corned beef with diced potatoes made sense when feeding a large family. The recipe appeared in the Fannie Farmer Cookbook in 1918, although it had been popular along the railroad lines and on chuck wagons for years before.


To make the hash, a cook begins by chopping the beef into small cubes or by breaking up the canned meat. He then dices a medium onion and, if he likes shredded potato, grates several raw ones. Otherwise, he cubes two or three medium potatoes and sets them to cook (only if they are cubed). When the potatoes are done, he mixes them with the corned beef, onion, and seasonings like salt, pepper, dry mustard, and garlic, to taste. In many cases, the cook then breaks an egg into this mixture and puts it into a non-stick skillet, frying the hash until all is crispy and brown. Some people top the corned beef hash with a fried egg and serve it with toast, while others serve it with pancakes, waffles, or with scrambled eggs on the side.

Corned beef hash can also be used to stuff bell peppers, or it can be cooked with grated beets for something called "red flannel hash." It is a homey, earthy dish that has been in America almost since America has been an independent country. Cooks who have leftover brisket, too much corned beef, or just like the dish often find it to be a good meal for breakfast or dinner.


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Post 5

The most humorous part about corned beef hash, is that while some people see as a delicacy or a specialty type of meal, the reality is that the meal is created because of the lack of ingredients.

Usually corned beef hash is thrown together with the intention of serving with cabbage. This British meal has been made famous by the Scots who will also consume corned beef hash along with bangers and mashed potatoes. it is very popular to eat corned beef hash during the springtime and on St. Patrick's Day.

Post 4

I have searched high and far for a restaurant that is capable of cooking a similar corned beef hash as to what my mom will stick with doing when I was growing up. Maybe it was the quality of the cast iron skillet and all of the meals that had been cooked in before is added to the taste and flavor of this unsurpassed breakfast time meal.

My favorite way to eat corned beef hash is with two pieces of sourdough toast. Throw an egg on top of this mixing you have a very hearty meal that will last you until dinner time.

Post 3

@bookworm, I agree with you that the best type of corned beef you can buy it at the deli counter or in the meat department of a local grocery store. Unless you mix your own corned beef hash from very lean beef and high quality meets, you'll end up having a very fatty meal.

my favorite corned beef hash comes from a local restaurant here in my hometown. It is a special treat, and I think it is best if people treat it like that. Having corned beef on a regular basis would not do well for one's figure. As long as corned beef is consumed in moderation, one can enjoy this tasty delicacy without the disadvantages of high-fat meal.

Post 2

I love the combination of flavors that can come from making a good corned beef hash. When you add the flavors of potatoes, corned beef and onions, one can create a breakfast to remember and one that sticks to your bones.

My favorite way to enjoy corned beef hash in the morning is with a fried egg. by cooking the eggs sunny side up, or over easy, one can get the runny yolk effect adds flavor to the corned beef hash.

While this may not be the most healthy option for consuming food at breakfast time, if you have a high energy demanding job, this meal can make for an excellent starter to your day.

Post 1

You can also buy corn beef at the deli.

You might have a better chance of getting leaner meat for a healthier dish.

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