What is Construction Software?

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Construction software is a specific type of computer business software used in the construction industry. As with various other types of software, construction software programs vary in complexity and content. Most established contractors have specific programs they use, but many small and new contractors experiment with construction software programs as they learn and their business grows.

Though there are multitudes of business software packages that track the needs most businesses have, construction software remains specific to the construction industry by combining basic business tasks with construction related ones. Construction software can help contractors track many of their basic business needs from estimating and accounting to payroll as well as the tasks that are more specific to the construction industry such as change orders, blueprints, building codes, and construction project management.

Some construction software packages are all inclusive meaning that they can track and produce all the necessary information a contractor wants or needs to have. Other packages may include only specific tasks and thus must be coupled with another type of business software to be complete. The use of any one type of construction software depends on the contractor’s individual business needs.


The basic features of most construction software programs include the ability to enter and track estimating and bidding, job cost, payroll, equipment maintenance, and basic accounting. Document imaging and creation, including invoicing and change orders, is also considered a basic feature. The inclusion or omission of specific tasks in various programs may or may not be important to a company depending on its operations.

Those individuals with skill and experience using construction software, often called construction management software, typically work in estimating, project management, or supervisory roles for larger contractors. In most cases, payroll is handled through human resources and while it may be integrated into the system, the human resource department of larger companies usually needs no experience with construction software packages.


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