What is Constipation Fatigue?

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Constipation fatigue refers to a condition of chronic fatigue that is linked to prolonged or severe constipation. When the colon is backed up with waste materials, the body becomes overloaded with toxins produced by the rotting food and digestive matter. These toxins can be absorbed back into the body, causing the body’s systems to work harder to remove them back into the colon. This can in turn cause the body to use more energy than necessary, resulting in fatigue.

Constipation fatigue is usually caused by a severe buildup of waste matter in the large intestine. Occasional constipation or irregularity is generally no cause for concern, since temporary issues like stress or less fluid intake can cause short-term constipation. Prolonged constipation and waste buildup, on the other hand, can result in mild to severe fatigue if steps are not taken to remove the fecal matter and mucous from the colon.

In the majority of cases, constipation fatigue can be remedied by curing the constipation. Treatments for constipation can include colon irrigation, laxatives, eating high-fiber foods, drinking water, and over the counter colon cleansing products. Patients should be advised by a doctor for the treatment of severe constipation and fatigue. In some cases the two symptoms may not be related and another underlying condition may be to blame.


A doctor should prescribe the most effective way to treat constipation for each individual patient. Compacted stool may need the use of strong medications or irrigation, while milder forms can often be treated with over the counter medications. Constipation should also be diagnosed by a doctor to ensure that another condition is not causing the problems, such as polyps.

The diagnosis of constipation fatigue usually comes about when a patient suffers from severe constipation combined with tiredness and other symptoms which are alleviated once the constipation is treated successfully. If fatigue doesn’t clear up after treatment, another issue may be to blame. Maintaining a healthy digestive system will help ensure fatigue and other uncomfortable symptoms are kept at bay.

Symptoms of constipation include hard dry stools, infrequent bowel movements, straining during bowel movements, hemorrhoids, and pain during bowel movements. Not all of these symptoms have to be present to signal constipation, so the diagnosis should officially come from a medical provider. These factors in combination with fatigue when no other cause for tiredness is present may signal constipation fatigue.


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Post 3

@turquoise-- Chronic constipation for a long time can definitely cause chronic fatigue. But there are other conditions that might be causing both the fatigue and the constipation.

For example, fatigue and constipation are symptoms of hypothyroidism. When the thyroid is working less than usual, it causes fatigue and it slows down the digestive system.

It kind of turns into a vicious cycle after this because both the thyroid and the constipation is adding to the fatigue.

If you have both constipation and fatigue, have your constipation treated first and see if the fatigue goes away.

Post 2

I wonder if there is a connection between chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic constipation.

Post 1

I never knew that constipation could cause fatigue. I know that diarrhea causes fatigue because the body loses a lot of water and along with it, electrolytes and minerals. I guess gastro-intestinal issues can cause fatigue in general if they're not treated quickly.

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