What Is Conservation of Air?

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The conservation of air is the protection and cleaning of the earth's air supply. Air pollution can be caused by any number of sources, including transportation, power plants, and factories. This pollution can cause a number of health problems, so it is important to practice air conservation when possible. This can be done by reducing emissions produced by personal as well as business, activities.

Environmental conservation is the protection of the earth's ecosystems and resources from pollution and destruction and includes the rehabilitation of damaged ecosystems. There are different types of environmental conservation, including water conservation and forest and animal conservation. Forest conservationists work to prevent deforestation while animal conservationists try to protect wildlife from destruction brought about by poaching, pollution, and habitat destruction.

The pollution of air can occur from any number of different sources. The fuel burned by cars and other modes of transportation is a major source of air pollution. Manufacturing plants and power plants can also be large sources of air pollution, but the amount of pollution may vary depending on the type of factory.


Those who participate in air conservation efforts are concerned about different types of air pollution. Too many greenhouse gases in the air, including carbon dioxide and methane, have an effect on global warming. Too much ozone can also be a problem because it can cause respiratory problems for some individuals. Other dangerous chemicals, such as mercury, may escape into the air and cause acid rain. Large amounts of smog can also be unsightly, and ruin the aesthetics of many city and natural landscapes.

Proponents of the conservation of air encourage a number of actions that can be taken to reduce air pollution. Instead of driving in individual cars, they encourage people to carpool or take public transportation whenever possible. Likewise, efforts to conserve electricity used in the home can also help air conservation as can the use of renewable energy sources, which are pollution free, to provide electricity.

Governments, both local and national, have also participated in the conservation of air. Restrictions have been placed on the amount of pollution that some types of large factories can emit. Inspectors are assigned to measure the level of emissions that are produced by certain factories and big businesses to make sure that they are following emissions laws that are designed to promote the conservation of air.


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Keeping your home a little bit fresher with natural foliage is as simple as putting in some useful easy care houseplants. Plants are natural air filters and also add a bit of green to a home. It has been suggested this can help as a mood enhancer.

People generally think of houseplants as decoration, but people should look at them as an easy way to clean air in the home. In an age where air quality is really being looked at.

It is suggested that two to three plants in an average room will significantly clean indoor pollutants in that area.

Boston fern, Janet Craig dracaena, English ivy, Australian sword fern, Peace Lily, Rubber plant, Weeping fig and may types of palms have been proven to be good at this type of work.

A little research, a little routine of plant maintenance and you can have safer air to breathe in your home.

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