What is Confetti?

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Confetti is a paper product that is readily available at craft stores and party stores. It is often used in decoration and in times of celebration. In its most basic form, it is very small squares of paper. The paper is often added into piñatas, party poppers, and balloons. It can even be included inside of cards and envelopes as a sneaky surprise for the recipient. A sprinkling of confetti on the surface of a table where hors d’oeuvres are to be served is a great way to spruce up your spread.

This product comes in many forms and a myriad of colors. Confetti is often primary colors, but it is possible to make it in any color, or combination of colors, that you can imagine. Furthermore, there are some paper companies that make confetti in numerous shapes. Cowboy boot shapes, heart shapes, hot pepper shapes, even dinosaur shapes are available. Not all confetti is paper. Some companies make it out of plastic in order to give it vibrant, reflective, or metallic qualities.


If you want to plan a party on a budget, you can easily make confetti on your own. It only takes crafting and work. This can also be a fun job for kids, as long as they are using safety scissors and are supervised while they are working. Simply choose paper the color that you wish your confetti to be, and cut it into the smallest pieces that you can. If you are doing this project with children, you can have a contest to see who can cut the smallest pieces.

If you want to make shaped confetti, simply buy a paper punch in that creates your desired shape. There are numerous online craft stores that offer paper punches in thousands of sizes and shapes. There are even places that will allow you to custom order your shape if you don’t find the one your are looking for. Making this product with paper punches is generally safe for children. Most of these devices are easy to use and only have sharp edges on the interior, where the paper is cut.

Confetti has become a symbol of festivities. In fact, there are a number of edible cake and cupcake toppings that are meant to look like it.


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