What is Condyloma Acuminata?

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Condyloma acuminata is another term used to describe the sexually transmitted disease popularly known as genital warts. These are small warts that often form in a grouped pattern on the genitals, anus, or mouth. The condition is a symptom of the human papilloma virus (HPV). Condyloma acuminata is often painful, and it can be unattractive or embarrassing. There is also a serious risk of cancer for women who catch the virus.

Genital warts are relatively common compared to many other sexually transmitted diseases. The warts themselves are often painless, but may be itchy or become inflamed. Touching them and then touching other parts of the body can help spread them, as can skin-to-skin sexual contact.

Women who suffer with condyloma acuminata have a higher chance of developing cervical cancer. If the warts are treated, this risk can be mitigated to some extent, but it is generally no guarantee. Condoms can reduce the spread of condyloma acuminata, but they aren’t foolproof. Sometimes the warts can appear in unprotected areas around the genitals.

It is also possible for people to have warts inside the sexual organs. In these cases, they may spread the disease without the awareness of a risk. If a person has fewer sexual partners, he or she can lessen the chance of contracting the disease, though some people can be exposed without catching the disease if their immune systems are strong enough.


There are several possible treatments for condyloma acuminata. Many of them focus on removing the warts, which can be done using cryotherapy, electricity, or a scalpel. Some doctors may also prescribe antiviral drugs, or medicines to strengthen the immune system response. In some cases, patients can recover from the condition on their own. The severity of the condition will generally dictate what kinds of treatments doctors use.

There is a vaccination available for condyloma acuminata, which is used very frequently, especially for young females entering puberty. This is primarily designed to help avoid catching cervical cancer. Some doctors also recommend giving this vaccination to young men to help decrease the overall frequency of the virus. The general idea is to give the vaccine to teenagers prior to the start of their sexual activity.


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