What is Computer Hacking?

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Computer hacking is the practice of modifying computer hardware and software to accomplish a goal outside of the creator’s original purpose. People who engage in computer hacking activities are often called hackers. Since the word “hack” has long been used to describe someone who is incompetent at his/her profession, some hackers claim this term is offensive and fails to give appropriate recognition to their skills.

Computer hacking is most common among teenagers and young adults, although there are many older hackers as well. Many hackers are true technology buffs who enjoy learning more about how computers work and consider computer hacking an “art” form. They often enjoy programming and have expert-level skills in one particular program. For these individuals, computer hacking is a real life application of their problem-solving skills. It’s a chance to demonstrate their abilities, not an opportunity to harm others.

Since a large number of hackers are self-taught prodigies, some corporations actually employ computer hackers as part of their technical support staff. These individuals use their skills to find flaws in the company’s security system so that they can be repaired quickly. In many cases, this type of computer hacking helps prevent identity theft and other serious computer-related crimes.


Computer hacking can also lead to other constructive technological developments, since many of the skills developed from hacking apply to more mainstream pursuits. For example, former hackers Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson went on to create the UNIX operating system in the 1970s. This system had a huge impact on the development of Linux, a free UNIX-like operating system. Shawn Fanning, the creator of Napster, is another hacker well known for his accomplishments outside of computer hacking.

In comparison to those who develop an interest in computer hacking out of simple intellectual curiosity, some hackers have less noble motives. Hackers who are out to steal personal information, change a corporation’s financial data, break security codes to gain unauthorized network access, or conduct other destructive activities are sometimes called “crackers.” This type of computer hacking can earn you a trip to a federal prison for up to 20 years.

If you are interested in protecting your home computer against malicious hackers, investing in a good firewall is highly recommended. It’s also a good idea to check your software programs for updates on a regular basis. For example, Microsoft offers a number of free security patches for its Internet Explorer browser.


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Discuss this Article

Post 313

I need a program that will download every site and password used on my imac. It has been cleaned up pretty good. I'm the admin user.

Post 297

Cracker is offensive if you didn't graduate high school. People have the right to use any word they want. If they aren't directing it at you, then get off your high horse. Also, people in general are too stupid to understand computer logic. I am talking about fathoms above the deep knowledge and mind power you need to have. People's stupidity offends me, mostly because it's blatant.

Post 293

The term "cracker" could be taken as offensive. I'm white and this is taken as an offense.

Post 289

@anon174691 and anon16039: Really. Not all hackers are what you think. Many times they are the reason that your computers haven't fried up yet. Like the articles say, many companies employ people who are hackers to protect their systems by finding flaws in the semantics of whatever programming language the database, server, intranet(you pick) is in. Otherwise, your bank accounts are drained by such hackers as only seen in movies. This is not War Games.

Post 269

You must know how computers and stuff work, know some programming languages (at least three or four languages), must have a background in it, read a lot of books, create your design and and test it.

Lastly and the most important, don't limit yourself to what is available, and enjoy programming.

Quote: "A computer programmer takes 10 or more years to become professional." Those people who only sit and say I want to become a hacker will never learn.

The best way to learn hacking is to get a partner who is a hacker and learn from him and learn it yourself.

Post 267

I want to be a professional hacker, but I don't know where to start. Could you please help me out?

Post 265

I agree with the smart guy, you guys can't just say "Oh, I want to become a hacker." You have to have background knowledge and know how to work stuff. You can't just sit down at a computer and open command prompt or something and call yourself a hacker.

Post 262

what is the purpose to hacking the website?

Post 261

I'm jack and I want to become a comptuter hacker. Please tell me what I need to do.

Post 259

well. if you want to do it for the right reasons, it is called ethical hacking. i also see it as a good thing in networks if you are trying to protect your network, because you can't stop a hacker from getting in unless you know how it's done. whether you call it white or black hacking, or just cracking, there are too many programs on the market that does that fine line of security breaches. if its legal hacking, it's ethical hacking.

any other type of hacking is illegal, no matter how it comes across

there are courses, there are training, and if you go to college for information security, you will learn it. advance your knowledge, only do it in a way that doesn't jeopardize you or others security.

Post 258

You have got to be kidding? You all want to be 'hackers'? You might as well be prostitutes.

Still illegal. And stupid.

Post 253

In Pennsylvania hacking is illegal. Hacking is known as “unlawful use of computer and other computer crimes - 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 7611” which is a third degree felony. Use of force for the protection of property - 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 507(c)Limitations on justifiable use of force (4)(ii)(B) such force is necessary to prevent the commission of a felony in the dwelling. What do you think the consequence of hacking illegally into my computer is? Let's hope it is an arrest.

Post 248

how can you find out if your computer is being hacked?

Post 244

this topic is the center point of my interest in as far as i am concerned, to further my skills in hacking. can someone please teach me just for the right reasons not bad ones.

Post 240

It does not matter. you are hurting people and that should be the issue. If I found your credit card on the ground and took it to the internet, I have everything I need to shop. The question is how immoral am I to take it and max out your account simply because I can?

How wrong is it for me to take that which someone else worked for because I have an easy way out or am to lazy?

Any way you look at it, I would be a thief and so are hackers. There is nothing fun about ruining someone else's life unless you are insane, and unfortunately for us most people are; they just have not been found out.

Post 230

I am a student of MCA in my first year. I chose computer hacking for my seminar topic. So, I want more information about computer hacking.

Post 228

i am an it third year student. i want to become an ethical hacker. Please tell me about hacking.

Post 223

i want be an ethical hacker so could you help me find online courses?

Post 221

All you script kiddies who are asking to be hackers will never be hackers! I'm not even going to waste my time telling you why! I'm working my butt off to be a hacker and I'm 15 (no joke). It's not as easy as asking someone to teach you. You have to learn on your own. If someone teaches you, you're the worst hacking has to offer!

I've been around computers all my life and I've known all the stuff you guys have no clue about since i was five. I've been fixing computers since then, too. Have a background and learn for yourself! Teaching yourself will make you so much better than being taught how to hack. If you're

taught how to hack, you're just like your teacher. If you teach yourself you can be better than your teacher (who probably didn't know the first thing about hacking anyway).

I'm good at batch and that's pretty much it, but i know the history of hacking (to a degree) and I'm working my tail off to learn c++ java, perl and all the other languages computers use. teach yourself. get online and research books related to hacking! Hacking is about thinking outside the box! when you're in a system, not everything will go the way you want it and you can't just call up the admin and ask where the password file is. so teach yourselves!

Post 220

I need to know how to stop hackers in their tracks!

To me, personally my computer at my job gets hacked on by a vicious co-worker out to do nothing but harm to my being on the computer!

They're daily up to no good, trying in their ugly power to trip me up! It's wrong and they know it and they think I don't know!

Post 219

I m just a diploma student studying in computer science.

i have read all these topics. they are really awesome!

now I'm very much interested in computer hacking.

i want be professional in this hacking world. Please guide me to what i should do. How can i achieve my this goal?

Post 218

I'm a com sci student and i want to know about hacking. can you help me please about where should i start?

Post 217

please tell me how i can hack the computers and e-mail address. actually i want to become a professional hacker. not a bad hacker but a good hacker.

Post 213

is hacking legal? What is ethical hacking?

Post 211

i want to learn legal hacking. please how do i start?

Post 210

hi. am an computer science student. Please guide me in knowing about how to hack and to be an expert in that?

Post 209

am a computer science student. i came here to find out what is hacking and I am curious about it. i would like to know more. please guide me in how to hack and how to protect my pc. what should i do to become an expert hacker?

Post 208

Anyone who wants to be a hacker has no life. they spend all their lives making pointless scripts and seriously i don't think they have ever set foot outside.

Post 206

i do know some stuff about hacking but not everything.

Post 205

*Palm to face* Okay, if you computer-illiterate people want to be a computer hacker, then listen up.

First of all, you actually need to know about computers, how they operate, how to open one, how to troubleshoot problems, how to protect your computers against malware, etc. You should also have a good understanding of networking concepts, topologies, cabling, nodes, and so on and so forth (if you have no clue what any of these words mean and they seem too complicated to you, give up now.)

Next, you need to study and I mean *study* programming. And, programming, is perhaps, not the simplest concept in the world. There are many types and variations of programming scripts, there is Java (the

British gaming company Jagex uses a Java based script for their games known as runescript [lame]). Then we have other things such as C++, considerably a more advanced programming script, i.e. better quality. And it doesn't stop there; there are many scripts, many companies and programmers (such as Jagex) use their customized scripts, which when they do so, if a cracker (or hacker) would want to "hack" their programming system, well, they'd need a good background in the script the custom script is based off of.

So, if you really felt the urge to hack Jagex, then you'd need to know every in and out of Java, and then you'd still have trouble hacking them, because the script is only based off of Java, it is not Java. It's like someone who speaks Latin trying to decipher Spanish, which could potentially be simple if you are fluent in latin.

Programming is often described as a language, so if you want to become a hacker, good luck, get in a vocational school, join SkillsUSA to see how well you compete against other computer programmers out there.

And if you want to crack into a company, then might I suggest not doing it at all, especially to a gaming company or federal agency, simply because one, you'll probably go to jail, and the gamers, they will rape your computer with viruses. Have a nice day!

Post 204

I am Abdillahi from Lodwar Kenya. I am taking Information Technology (I.T) at Alphax College. It's so delightful to learn more about hacking if at all people should stop its demerits. I am interested in knowing much more about it. How should i begin?

Post 203

i am rajan from karnal. And i am doing a job at an animation company. i don't know about hacking. i want to know what I could do in hacking. so please guide me.

Post 202

Could anyone tell me how to begin if i want to be a hacker?

Post 201

i want to learn about hacking. I am a network engineer but i like advance computing, but i would prefer to be a legal hacker, please.

Post 194

I want to learn hacking. please help me.

Post 193

is computer hacking a good development?

Post 191

i am student of hardware and networking. Please tell me how I can do this hacking.

Post 188

I want to learn hacking. please help me.

Post 183

i want to be a computer hacker and are there any problems doing this? i need your support and my friends are saying that it's almost a crime. So please guide me in the right way. i am waiting for your reply.

Post 181

i want to learn about hacking because i want to protect my computers from hackers. please help me.

Post 180

i want to be a computer hacker. how can i learn this and from where?

Post 179

i am kalpesh. i am doing computer engineering. i want to learn hacking. how can I do this?

Post 174

my name is kishor j. i am doing software engineering. i want to study about the hacking. can you teach hacking.

Post 173

i am deepak. i am student of part 2,and i want to learn computer hacking. can you teach me?

Post 172

Please tell me what is computer hacker actually? i don't know about it.

Post 169

what is hacking?

Post 168

Wow, so that means there are some forms of legal hacking. Cool! So it's completely harmless if someday I hacked something of my own for better use of it? Wow, I never knew that. Is there any website that teaches how to do the type of hacking where you can improve some computer of your own? Thanks for the information!

Post 167

please tell me about hacking. i want to become a hacker.

Post 165

you should tell me more about hacking because I think it is interesting.

Post 163

i want to learn hacking! Should I have experience and computer knowledge? How do I become a hacker in the future?

Post 161

i'm student of MCA from India. i want to learn hacking. Please help me.

Post 160

My ip address is dynamic, can anyone hack my computer. if not, then for hacking, can anyone use physical address of my computer. please reply.

Post 159

do you mean that all o.s. creators first idea is to hack first?

Post 158

i want to know that is it good for girls to make a career in this field. if so, then which institute is best to learn about it and what are the requirements it needs and and tell me something about the fees of the whole course.

Post 156

i just think that is a interesting job but there are many dangers although you don`t kill someone directly. it leads to a lot of grave issues.

Post 155

1> What is hacking and anti hacking?

2> What is the meaning of ethical hacking?

My mom says it is a dangerous job. please tell me and give answer to these questions. Shahbaz

Post 151

Help me to know about hacking because i want to know about it and also serve the government in my country. By ishak

Post 150

And why do you all want to be hackers? If you're going to be a hacker, don't hack into something like FB or anything. Get really high-tech and hack into something like government files. if you want to hack, people, do it properly.

Post 149

i don't get it. what's hacking all about?

Post 147

can you teach me how to hack?

Post 146

i want to know bout computer hacking. can anyone please help me? i need to do an assignment on it.

Post 143

i want to learn the computer hacking. who can teach me?

Post 142

im santosh from chitwan nepal. i am keenly interested to know about hacking computers. can you help me?

Post 139

I want to know about computer hacking. Can you help me?

Post 138

All right, this is coming from a real hacker here.

1) Hacking as shown in movies is almost never realistic. I have, however, seen a few realistic examples.

2) Computer hacking has nothing to do with viruses. Viruses are for script kiddies (basically means noobs).

3) Hacking is not illegal unless, gasp! you commit a crime while doing it.

Post 137

There's quite a great many misconceptions here about computer hackers. First off, computer hackers are very legal without risks as long as you're following ethical guidelines. There are absolutely no laws preventing you from computer hacking.

There are, however, a great many laws preventing you from computer cracking. This is using your knowledge of computers to break into secure networks, personal computers, websites, banks, etc. and changing, saving or rerouting data, money or other bits of information. This is extremely illegal and could land you some hefty jail time in federal prison.

Hacking, as some as misconceived it, is simply the ability to change (hardware or software) what the original creator had intended (i.e. changing how your windows system

runs a certain program or adding certain components to your computer that weren't originally intended to be there). This is completely legal and often encouraged.

If you can solve problems better than the original creator or the current solution you are often revered amongst other computer hackers.

Hacking is simply using your computer knowledge to change original code or hardware to solve a problem more efficiently or perhaps quicker. Often times companies hire hackers to hack into their own systems to check for weak points then have the hackers tell them how to fix it.

Hacking is a white hat operation (legal). Cracking is a black hat operation (illegal). There are hackers who believe breaking into security is ethical so long as they don't take or manipulate anything. These hackers are called grey hats (still illegal for the most part).

Nine out of 10 computer programmers are a hacker in one version or another. Don't cross the bounds into cracking.

Post 136

computer hacking is so stupid. why would you want to read other people's things?

Post 135

I want toknow more about hacking. Why do all of them have a negative opinion?

i don't know why we can't use the same technology for good purpose. Please clarify my doubts. --by Nithin.

Post 134

hacking is a very serious job. as some have posted above, you should hack for educational reasons if you are really curious, but do not retain their passwords, ip addresses or e-mail. then you will be traced and found guilty. in your computer's memory that is permanent and a computer can see if it is being hit by certain files so there is no way to escape being traced from a good anti virus/spyware.

take, for example, norton. i hacked my other computer to test its protection and it blocked me and traced me to a ip address -- it even was a free version --the 14 days free version. so if you want a good protection get the antivirus 2010

beta version. It's decent for being free.

now vamoose, evil minds. and you're not being anonymous. every time the person who runs this site has the availability to check your ip. :D Good luck and don't get caught. If you can, bust your computer if you are ever in danger of being traced by the bad people and change all your accounts, even e-mail, youtube, whatever.

Post 133

@anon3601 yeah it's your fault if you mess up your computer, so if i were you, i wouldn't download any hacking material that sounds too good to be true because they hold viruses themselves and it is a wrong thing to do, even though it's incredibly fun. it is a very risky job so good luck with it lol.

Post 131

i want to become a computer hacker. Please tell me what i need to do?

Post 130

I am yusuf i want to learn how to hack the computer and the definition of hacking and its uses. Please teach me.

And also i have to know about the merits and demerits.

Post 129

how to hack files i want to learn hacking

Post 127

I want to give an opinion. If you want to be an official computer hacker, you can go for Certified Ethical Hacking and with that you can work with no worries.

Post 123

I'm a student of software engineering in pakistan. i have a lot of interest in hacking. where can i get a good teacher?

Post 121

hey i want to learn hacking. where do I start? Can you help?

Post 120

i am junior hacker. if you can get hired by the FBI or CIA you can do good and bad hacking skills and won't get arrested for it.

Post 116

i am interested in computer hacking. can you teach me computer hacking?

Post 114

Think of it this way, you all want to be computer hackers. Its like giving someone a bomb. They can use it for good or bad. You wouldn't know to trust someone with it, so you wouldn't give it to them in the first place. Therefore, people won't teach you hacking. All good hackers teach themselves. It's easier and you learn better. Learn whatever you like most.

Post 108

i'm very interested in hacking, but i'm very poor in networking knowledge. i haven't money to learn. where can i get the supports?

Post 107

i am chotu. i want to know what is the frist step in hacking? what is the process of hacking? Can anybody help me?

Post 105

Dana: Thank you for pointing out the important distinction between a curious, creative "hacker" and a malicious fraudster "cracker". As a computer professional, I have to listen to ignorant people talk about "all the bad hackers in the world" all the time, but they don't realize that the hackers are the people who gave us the Internet, PCs in general, game consoles, and before computers, things like the automobile and electricity.

Hackers are innovators and make existing things better by figuring out how they work, and make them work better. Crackers do just that - crack a system open like an egg to steal something inside.

To the posters above -- being a "hacker" is like being a knight (as in the

medieval sense). You don't just go to knight school and say you're a hacker now that you write some crappy code, that just makes you a "code hack" or code monkey. Being a hacker is something you earn by proving your skills and cleverness to your peers. If you have to ask, you haven't a chance, sorry. Better off just getting an Information Systems degree at the local community college and getting a job at a help desk. Good luck kids.

Dante: I completely agree with you. Learning hacking is not like getting a degree. You learn new things every day until you die. (It's like a life cycle ). Self-studying is the only method to learn hacking in a profession. if you really want be a hacker, first you must be a "professional geek" in computer languages, believe me! :P

Post 104

hi. please help me in hacking, if any one knows about hacking.

Post 102

I know you all want to be a robin hood, but a thief is a thief. if you want to help someone, you can't help someone doing bad things. help people doing good things only.

Post 100

I am Jayaraj. I want to learn hacking if anyone is there to help me out in this I would really feel happy.

Post 99

i want to be a hacker -- not for harm to anyone. just know how to hack. give me some advice.

Post 98

I want to be a hacker. not a bad one but I want to become a famous hacker. what must i do?

Post 97

i want to become a hacker. what are the books i should read and give that book's name with authors.

Post 96

please tell me some good books for beginners to learn hacking.

Post 93

i want to become very brilliant in hacking so send me books.

Post 92

hacking can be used in both good and harmful ways. Nobody was jailed just because they were hacking for a good thing. some naughty teenagers hack for fun. some professionals hack for money, some of them hack to help government. it's you who decide your destiny. Do you want to be jailed or rewarded?

Post 88

Hacking is bad to do, the people who hack in the computer can be in jail up to 5 years, probably more, so before you go in to start hacking into someone's computer. think about how long you would be away from your family. think about how people would treat you when they find out that you are a hacker.

Post 87

please do explain to me the connection between computer forensic and hacking. --indhu

Post 85

i'm indhu from, shah alam, Malaysia. i'm doing my degree in computer forensics and am intrested to know more about computer hacking. please do help me to learn more. thanks, -indhu

Post 84

i m a student of BCA. i want to know something more about hacking. how can i know?

Post 83

I'm a 30 year old and i want to start hacking for bad reasons. any help?

Post 82

i want became a hacker, so what are the steps we follow to hacking? can you help me? --nandhu

Post 81

i'm nishant modi,from india at agra. i'm a beginner in this field. i just want to know what it is. If someone could help me I would be very thankful.

Post 80

How would you know if someone is getting into your computer without permission? And what about if you have someone who is suppose to fix any problems with the computer but when they leave the computer seems to be even slower than before? They have installed teamview but someone is getting in the computer without us knowing and they have all the passwords, because they say they need it for updates.

Post 78

i m a student of BCA. i want to know something more about hacking. how can i know?

Post 77

Does everyone on this planet want to become a "professional computer hacker" or is it just me? There's *heaps* of info on the web about hacking, but you probably won't make much of a profession out of it.

Post 70

I'm thinking of doing a research project on hacking. Can anyone tell me how to get started. It would be easier to research if I had some idea how to hack the most unprotected computer on the planet. I'm 13 and have zero computer training, but this looks cool. Any ideas?

Post 68

this is baljit. i'm getting my diploma in computer engineering and i want to become a professional hacker. so please provide me some hacking books. thank you.

Post 66

how can hacking done and how does it work?

Post 65

I want to know more about hacking.

Post 64

How do i know if my computer has been hacked?

Post 63

Hi, this is mohan from india at tamilnadu.

I want more updated information about hacking. I want a book in hacking in my mail.

Post 62

if i do not know the password of the computer,

how can we start the computer without the password?

Post 59

can i hack any site? i'm now 11 years old.

Post 58

what is the purpose of hacking one's computer?

Post 57

My other computer stuffed up. I accidentally downloaded a program, then a few weeks later, my computer started stuffing up and I can't get on it now. So is there a way to delete that program from my new computer without getting the same virus?

Post 56

i think you are new in this thing, and i saw this link by mistake, but listen to me. i am a hacker and this is not a job. you will get a lot of problems and go to prison, and you will not be a real hacker in 1 or 2 years or even 3. it's a lifestyle. it takes 7 years to be a pro. You can't be a hacker by hacking computers and web sites that's for kids. a real hacker hacks government servers, making viruses in list, like in the FBI, so think about it because you must be a geek in this. think. Good luck for all.

Post 55

i want to know about hacking. i'm interested in hacking and want to go in security field and find jobs so can you please tell me where should i began now? actually i'm pursuing my B.E 3rd year and one more year is required to complete my engineering degree, so please suggest to me what to do now.

Post 54

How to become a computer hacker? Any help?

Post 53

I want to be an official computer hacker.

Is it a wrong job? If yes then i want to learn it. from where i can learn it?

Post 52

I just wanted to find out how to check an email if it has viruses or spyware in it. I received a picture message from some young computer guys working out of a flea market and they were supposed to create a business logo for me, but when i got the pictures by e-mail, my computer detected multiple viruses after i had scanned it. then weeks later i opened it again and my p.c. rebooted right after.

Post 51

real good computer hackers are self-taught or know the right people to mentor them. they don't ask for help or info on this comments page.

Post 50

computer hacking is so easy it even tells you how to do it on the internet. How crazy is that? There are no new laws enforced, its too easy to do, you can hack through anyone's antivirus program while its running. Anyone that hacks should be easily traced and prosecuted. It is so bad now that it is out of control. Period!

Post 48

please tell me how i can hack the computers and e-mail address. actually i want to become a professional hacker. not bad hacker but a good hacker.

Post 47

is it easy or not?

Post 46

Hi, I'm inassam. I completed my BCA & pursuing MCA. I want to become a professional hacker to serve as a security manager. Please tell me what will be the process to enter the world of hacking

Post 44

hi friends, this is madhav nellore. now i am currently doing btech third year. i want to do the job in this field. Please send some information regarding this.

Post 43

I want to learn computer hacking because i am keen to know my results of metric standard. still 10 days are remaining.

Post 42

hi all computer friends .I am mahesh, a ntwork enginneer. I want to know about the computer hacking, just for knowledge.If someone knows about this topic please give some information.

Post 40

I am from pune (khadki)

Hi! this is richie i want to b a professional hacker

give me some idea how to go through it.

my brother and his friends, they are perfect in this job. They had done many great things and they had enjoyed their life in rooming out of countries. But at the last moment they were being caught by the cops.

so that is why he is not giving me any ideas for this job. can you help me????????

Post 38

Hi, I'm in Ranchi. I completed my BCA & pursuing MCA.I want to become a professional hacker to serve as a security manager. Please tell me what will be the process to enter the world of hacking

Post 37

Hi, I'm in Pune. I completed my B.Sc. Computer Science.I want to become a professional hacker to serve as a security manager. Please tell me what will be the process to enter the world of hacking?

Post 35

OK every one asking how to be a hacker you already made your first mistake. you have to learn the hard way -- teach yourself like the rest of us. and anyone worried about their pc being cracked, don't unless you give someone a reason to crack it. its that simple.

Post 34

i want to become a computer hacker. Please help me...what i do???????

Post 33

To answer your questions about how to be an ethical hacker - someone who might be hired to seek out computer vulnerabilities. Go to college and study computer science. You can take a few college classes and become marketable. You have to get good grades if you want to be employed, not hack into the college computer, and show that you have a positive attitude combined with innovation.

Post 32

i'm a computer eng. student. i want to learn hacking. i want to do this job passionately. what should i do? from where should i start? thank u.

Post 31

What are the basic qualifications of a good hacker and how does one become a professional hacker?

Post 30

How would I know that my system is hacked?

Post 29

I'm trying to write a story about a computer hacker, and he's no knight. The problem is I know nothing about hacking, good or bad, and I need some help. I don't want to tell people how to do it through the story, but some hacking lingo, tools, etc. would be enough.

What are some of the things malicious hackers do? Could they hack into someone's personal files and find blackmail information and threaten to reveal such info for random? Do they go into bank accounts and send someone else's money to their own offshore accounts? These were just a few things I could think of, but anyway. Please help me.

Post 28

i want to become a computer hackerpleasetell me what i will do????

Post 27

i want to be hacker and want my computer to be safe and protected. well its my passion to know computers and how does it work. there are many things to learn.

thank you

Post 25

what is ethical hacking?

Post 24

What is the technical definition of computer hacking? what r the different types of computer hacking?

Post 22

Please give me some information on the issues on computer hacking as well as on the possible solutions to solve it.

Post 21

If someone hacks my computer how i stop him?

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Thank you for pointing out the important distinction between a curious, creative "hacker" and a malicious fraudster "cracker". As a computer professional, I have to listen to ignorant people talk about "all the bad hackers in the world" all the time, but they don't realize that the hackers are the people who gave us the Internet, PCs in general, game consoles, and before computers, things like the automobile and electricity. Hackers are innovators and make existing things better by figuring out how they work, and make them work better. Crackers do just that - crack a system open like an egg to steal something inside.

To the posters above -- being a "hacker" is like being a knight (as in the

medieval sense). You don't just go to knight school and say you're a hacker now that you write some crappy code, that just makes you a "code hack" or code monkey. Being a hacker is something you earn by proving your skills and cleverness to your peers. If you have to ask, you haven't a chance, sorry. Better off just getting an Information Systems degree at the local community college and getting a job at a help desk. Good luck kids. Dante
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i want to become a comptuter hackerpleasetell me what i will do ????

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why would you won't to mess with other peoples stuff? the only reason i'm asking is because i'm doing a report, so if any one has more information to add about your hacking it's fine if you are anonymous.

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i want to be an efficient computer hacker so that i can provide security to my pc from getting hacked by others as i run a cyber cafe and such incidents frequently occur. please help me.

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i want to b an official computer hacker.

Q1>is it a wrong job?

Q2>is there any scope in this field?

my parents say its a risky job, is it? i want to go in comp field but want to do something different.

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