What is CompTIA Certification?

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CompTIA certification is issued by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), a well-known and highly respected trade association for information technology (IT) professionals. Several certification exams are offered, and most of them are basic entry-level exams. CompTIA certification tends to be highly regarded because it is vendor-neutral, meaning that the association is not associated with any brand of computer software or hardware products.

CompTIA offers a wide range of entry-level certification exams. These are aimed at people entering a wide range of IT occupations, including operation of networks, security, servers, document-imaging equipment and radio-frequency identification technology. Each exam covers basic concepts in the relevant subject, to provide the user with a working knowledge with which he or she can obtain an entry-level position. CompTIA certification is internationally recognized, meaning that anyone in almost any country can take the exams and obtain a qualification that is recognized all over the world.

Preparing for a CompTIA certification exam is relatively simple, because all of the materials needed to prepare for the exam are available on the association’s website. Site users can download exam objectives, training materials, practice questions and information about exam venues and prices. In addition, users can sign up for distance learning courses that provide virtual study tools to aid in exam preparation. Students of these courses can learn entirely at their own pace and take the exam when ready.


Most of the IT exams offered by CompTIA are for entry-level certifications, and few advanced certifications are offered. Anyone who is hoping to gain a more advanced qualification should consider a different IT certification association. Several major vendors offer advanced-level certification. These are not vendor-neutral certification providers, however, and users will not receive certification for a range of hardware or software brands.

Some people in entry-level positions decide that CompTIA certification is the only IT qualification that they desire, and they choose not to pursue further study. This basic certification is not, however, sufficient for someone who wants to advance significantly in their chosen IT career. To advance in some IT careers requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree as well as advanced-level certification. In addition, most job-seekers in the IT industry face significant competition, and their chances of obtaining senior-level jobs are much higher with a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.


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