What is Combat Gauze&Trade;?

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Combat Gauze™ is a special kind of medical gauze that promotes quick healing. Suited to be used in combat situations, it can be applied easily to help stop bleeding fast. The effectiveness of the gauze can be attributed to a special mineral incorporated into it. Its effectiveness at stopping bleeding, its ability to be packed and its easy removal are just a few benefits of using Combat Gauze™ over the standard type of gauze.

A leading cause of death in battle settings is uncontrolled bleeding, and Combat Gauze™ is especially good at controlling hemorrhaging. This special type of gauze can be treated with a special hemostatic agent that is known to help aid in clotting. It contains a different mineral than those used in other products manufactured by the same company that makes Combat Gauze™. It has been suggested that the application of the gauze can stop venous and arterial bleeding almost immediately. This can be achieved within three to five minutes by placing gauze over a wound and applying pressure to it.

One advantage of using Combat Gauze™ is that it does not produce excess heat. It also can be applied to virtually any size or shape of injury or wound, provided that there is enough gauze to fit over it. Its ability to be packed into wounds is high. This gauze is non-allergenic and inert, and after treatment, the removal of it is simple.


The reputation of Combat Gauze™ is that it is easy to use. It can often be utilized in emergency room or tactical demonstration settings when individuals are trained how to treat traumatic wounds. Manufacturers can also sell gauze that is specially designed to be used in training sessions. Training gauze can differ from regular Combat Gauze™ in that it can work with artificial blood.

When ordered, the gauze itself can come with special documentation. This documentation can give specific instructions on how to use it in practical situations. Some retailers might require potential buyers to be trained by the American Red Cross or a similar organization for at least 40 hours before they will sell the product.


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Post 3

Has anyone used Combat Gauze in combat? I've heard that it works well if it's stuffed into the wound because the powder has to interact with the blood and clot it. So if it's not applied properly, it might not work as well. Is this true? Does it apply to the current product?

The article says that Combat Gauze contains a different mineral than the other products. Does this mean that this is an improved version of the previous gauze?

I'll be out on the field in a couple of months and I want to take some quit clot gauze with me. I want something that works very fast.

Post 2

I used Combat Gauze once. We were on a boat and a friend cut his hand. I don't know what they put in this gauze but it really does cause blood to clot quickly. His bleeding stopped in no time thanks to this gauze.

Post 1

Combat Gauze is sold online, so training is not required as far as I know. It is also fairly easy to use and straightforward. I'm glad that this product is available to civilians because it's great to have on hand for emergencies and accidents. I think everyone should have it in their first aid kit at home or in their car. It's also a must-have when out in nature, during camping trips etc. Basically, in any situation where it would take some time to get to a doctor for treatment, it's good to have Combat Gauze.

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