What is Clinical Data Management Software?

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Data gathered during clinical trials is stored within a clinical data management software system (CDMS). By storing research data within a clinical data management software system, researchers can ensure that human error will be kept to a minimum. Software systems of this type also file data and screen data for any illogical patterns.

Once a clinical data management software system has computed research data, researchers can then scrutinize this material. Clinical software has largely replaced manual inputting of data. Most programs of this type include spreadsheet forms that are easy to manipulate. In addition, features such as pull-down windows and automatic calculations make analyzing data effortless.

Almost all clinical software systems are also highly adaptable. Since medical data changes frequently, these programs allow users to update and replace data efficiently. Any clinical data management software system that works in conjunction with other systems is often invaluable, since two or more systems can communicate without any effort on the part of a software user.

In some cases, a clinical data management software system may also be used to store vital patient information. When it comes to managing patient medications, these systems can be life-saving. Frequently, patient medications become mixed resulting in a dangerous dosage, or unforeseen side effects. These common errors rarely occur when specialized patient software has been utilized.


Choosing the right clinical data management software system for any medical facility can be challenging, since so many different options exist. While some software may be universal, specialized software often proves to be a far better choice. This way, a hospital or clinic can customize software to suit specific needs. In addition, some types of generalized software may include complex program additions that are not necessary for all medical facilities.

Clinical data management software systems can be purchased through specialty retailers, medical software companies, or online. Anyone seeking this type of software should consult with a customer service representative before purchasing a complete package. Speaking with a retailer is the best way to ensure that medical research software is user-friendly, cohesive, and easy to install. Additionally, it is important to choose a software program that includes 24 hour technical support.

Prior to the invention of clinical software, researchers were forced to input clinical data by hand. While this method proved to be sufficient for many years, newly developed software programs have made manual data obsolete. As a result, modern research data is more concise and conclusive than ever before.


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