What is Circuit Training?

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Circuit training is a form of physical exercise that combines strength exercises, or weight training, with endurance exercises, or cardiovascular training. It can be used by a single person following an exercise routine or by a group of people who rotate among training stations. This type of routine works out the whole body in a single session.

Many people find that circuit training is a great way to exercise without the need for equipment. An example of an exercise rotation can include push-ups, sit-ups or other form of abdominal training, jumping jacks, and squat thrusts. In cases like this, a person does as many repetitions of an exercise as possible during a fixed time period, before moving to the next station. Between stations, there is a 20 to 30 second recovery time allowed, but never more than that, as the heart rate would go down too much.


A workout plan can also be done by using weight machines, elastic resistance, or hand-held weights. Circuit training can also follow a specific theme, such as combining different Pilates exercises or using boxing techniques. Because this type of exercise can be adapted to use any type of equipment available, it is often the program of choice for people who want to work out outdoors. In a gym, a routine can include five minutes on the treadmill, followed by an abs workout, followed by five minutes on a different cardio machine like a stepper or bicycle, and so on. To be effective, all exercises must be done at a high intensity.

Circuit training programs often take an average of 30 minutes to complete, and offer the same advantages as a one-hour-long regular workout would provide. This also means that they are an excellent choice for people who cannot afford to spend two or three hours at the gym on a regular basis.

One disadvantage of this type of exercise is that it can be too hard to follow for beginners. People who are out of shape or who haven't exercised in a long time run the risk of injuring themselves if pushing their body too hard on a high-intensity program. In those cases, enlisting the help of a personal trainer can make all the difference, especially during the first few weeks of training.


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Post 2

SauteePan-I love circuit training ideas like that. You can also use other circuit training equipment like flexibility bands, a boxing bag, even a Wii Fit game.

The Wii Fit has a series of exercises that you can do in conjunction with your regular weight training routine.

They have a boxing routine that could go from three minutes to ten minutes or more. The great thing about Wii Fit is that it tells you the calories that you have burn.

It also offers you a variety of exercise so that you can’t get bored. There are balance exercises, flexibility exercises, and even cardiovascular and endurance exercise. There is a jogging track in which the screen simulates a park

with beautiful scenery and the game even puts other on the road with you jogging side by side from you.

The game also makes the sounds of a jogger hitting the pavement so that you really feel like you are outside. It also has an elapse time countdown that always motivates you to do more.

You can even do a series of fitness circuit training exercises. You can do the jogging for ten minutes followed by the boxing for another ten minutes and then you can do the hula hoop exercises for five minutes. Those exercises really work you hips and can easily shave a few inches over time. Exercise circuit training is easy with the Wii Fit game.

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Circuit training workouts are really beneficial because they raise your metabolic rate which makes you burn more calories.

Often when we continue to perform the same exercises over and over again our bodies get used to the exercise routine and we stop making additional gains in our cardiovascular fitness level.

Circuit training for weight loss makes a lot of sense because with circuit training exercises you are constantly challenging your muscles which cause you to get fitter sooner and lose your unwanted weight faster.

Some circuit training examples include, performing an upper body dumbbell set of bicep curls followed by two hundred and fifty jumps with a jump rope and then immediately moving on to the next weight lifting exercise.

These spurts of high intensity cardiovascular exercise really help raise your fitness level and it makes the work out more effective and entertaining as a result.

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