What Is Cinnamon Sugar?

Dee S.
Dee S.

Cinnamon sugar is a mixture of sugar and cinnamon that is used to add sweetness and flavoring to desserts, breakfast items, and snacks. It can be made at home, or it can pre-made and purchased in the spice aisle at many stores. The cinnamon addition to the sugar lends some health benefits, such as reducing the blood sugar levels in people affected by diabetes and treating the symptoms of colds. There are several common variations for cinnamon sugar, such as adding cocoa to the mixture or using sugar substitutes.

Cinnamon sticks.
Cinnamon sticks.

To make cinnamon sugar at home, an individual will simply add about 2 teaspoons (9.86 ml) of cinnamon to about 1/4 cup (2 oz) of sugar. The recipe may be doubled, tripled, or cut in half, depending on how often cinnamon sugar is used and how much is needed for a particular recipe. In addition, some people may prefer a stronger cinnamon taste. In that case, cinnamon can be added to the sugar in 1/4 teaspoon (about 1.23 ml) increments until the ideal balance between the two spices is found. Some people even stick entire sticks of cinnamon in their sugar for several weeks, infusing the cinnamon flavor into the sugar without changing the sugar's pure white color.

A homemade and inexpensive version of cinnamon sugar involves combining white table sugar with cinnamon.
A homemade and inexpensive version of cinnamon sugar involves combining white table sugar with cinnamon.

There are some common uses for cinnamon sugar. For example, it is often used as a flavorful sweetener for breakfast breads, such as French toast, cinnamon rolls, raisin bread, and coffee cakes. It can also be used as a flavor enhancer for coffee, lattes, and cappuccinos. Some people add it to snacks, such as apples, popcorn, cookies, and pecans, as well. It can even be added to potatoes, particularly sweet potatoes or yams.

As with many spices, there are several health benefits associated with cinnamon. For example, it is believed to reduce the blood sugar levels in diabetics. In addition, it is also thought to reduce the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in some individuals. Since it is recommend as an antimicrobial, it is often consumed to treat colds as well. While sugar is often the primary ingredient in cinnamon sugar, it is important to know that 1 teaspoon (about 4.93 ml) of sugar is only about 15 calories, making it acceptable for even rigid dieters in small amounts.

Some people may want to use a variation of cinnamon sugar in their recipes. For example, they may choose to add 1 to 2 teaspoons (about 4.93 to 9.86 ml) of cocoa. In addition, some individual may need to limit their sugar intake. In that case, there are several granular sugar substitutes that may be used. Using sugar substitutes might require less of the substitute, however, because it may be significantly sweeter than true sugar.

Dee S.
Dee S.

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Would you believe I put cinnamon/sugar on cottage cheese?


My favorite cinnamon sugar recipe is probably cinnamon toast. I love that crunchy cinnamon sugar mixture and it's made better by the addition of butter on the toast. It makes an almost candy-like topping. Yummy!


Almost anything sweet tastes better with a little cinnamon sugar on it. It's really an all-purpose additive, and most people really like it.

Even the humble sugar cookie takes on a new life with say, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon added to the recipe and then, cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top of the cookies. That probably takes them squarely into snickerdoodle territory, but it's easy enough to add.

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