What Is Cinnamon Coffee?

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Cinnamon coffee is a coffee drink wherein cinnamon is used for extra flavoring. The two main ingredients are cinnamon and coffee, to which many things can be added for flavor, sweetness, or texture. The drinks that can be made from cinnamon and coffee include hot and cold coffee drinks, lattes, and smoothies. They are available at many coffee shops and can also be made at home in a few simple steps.

Coffee is obtained from the bean of the coffee plant. During processing, it is dried and roasted, and it is sold as either whole or ground beans. It is available as plain coffee, as well as in various flavors, including cinnamon. Cinnamon is obtained by drying the bark of the Cinnamomum tree and is available in cinnamon sticks or as ground cinnamon. The flavors of cinnamon and coffee go well together, especially when combined in a drink.

Both instant and ground coffee beans can be used to make cinnamon coffee. When instant coffee is used, the ground cinnamon and coffee granules are simply mixed together in a cup of hot water. Brewed cinnamon coffee is just as easy to make as the ground cinnamon can be sprinkled on top of the coffee grinds and brewed along with the coffee. Another way to release the cinnamon into the drink is to use the cinnamon sticks as stir sticks.


A cinnamon latte is the combination of cinnamon coffee along with milk or cream. The coffee is brewed, and the milk or cream is heated before the two are mixed into one container. Whipping cream and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon is a popular topping for cinnamon lattes.

Another way to enjoy cinnamon coffee is in smoothies. The two flavors go well with many fruits, such as bananas, blueberries, and strawberries. For smoothies, the coffee is generally brewed and chilled thoroughly before it is blended with the other ingredients. The cinnamon can be added during the brewing process or along with the other ingredients.

Both coffee and cinnamon help to improve the function of the mind, which makes cinnamon coffee a perfect drink for waking up in the morning. They are both able to help neutralize free radicals as they contain good amounts of antioxidants. Cinnamon is also beneficial for the digestive system and can help to ward off the common cold. Coffee, however, is addictive and should always be consumed in moderation.


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Post 3

There is an amazing Mexican coffee called Café de Olla that is made with cinnamon. They make it in a saucepan in which cinnamon and other spices are first boiled and then coffee is brewed in the same water. Milk is served alongside with natural brown sugar. It's delicious!

I've been to Mexico twice and every time I go, I literally hunt for restaurants and cafes that serve this coffee. I tried making it here at home but it doesn't taste the same.

Post 2

@turquoise-- You can mix coffee grounds with powder cinnamon and brew them together.

I used to put cinnamon in my coffee after brewing it but I realized that this is not going to work because the cinnamon always clumps up and swims around on top of the coffee.

So I started mixing it in before I brew it and it works great. You get plenty of cinnamon flavor without any clumps. Give it a try!

Post 1

Is it possible to give coffee beans a slight cinnamon flavor before brewing? I know tea can be flavored during the oxidation process but can the same be done for coffee?

I love cinnamon coffee cake and I want to make my own cinnamon coffee blend that will have a similar scent and flavor.

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