What is Church Presentation Software?

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Many churches use church presentation software during their services. This software allows the church to present song lyrics, Scripture verses, announcements, and sermon notes to the congregation, typically on large screens at the front of the sanctuary or auditorium. Some technological advances in church presentation software may give church leaders options for multimedia content as well.

This type of software often offers database features. Many forms of this software allow the church to create databases of graphics, videos, animations, photographs, images, and text to be used in presentations. Many software packages include samples of these items in the purchase price. Some presentation software offers help for the music minister to organize sheet music, chord notations, and lyrics.

Graphic design, database, and multimedia software advances allow church presentation software to often offer visually interesting backgrounds, transitions, and fonts for church presentations. Most of this software allows for the creation of custom backgrounds to song lyrics or sermon notes, and some even offer video backgrounds. Many brands include stock photos or video footage in the software package.

Church presentation software is typically used to project song lyrics, which help the congregation to sing along with the church choir, band, or other music ministry. Some software includes song lyrics, which are often, but not always, public domain lyrics. Others allow for easy access to online song lyric databases.


Many types of church presentation software can be used to project content during non-musical portions of the service as well. Using this, churches may present text for common prayers, responsive readings, and other liturgical proceedings. Other houses of worship may use this technology to display announcements to the congregation. Some ministries within a church may also use such software to show multimedia clips with ministry updates or news.

Some ministers present scripture verses or sermon notes for the congregation to read and follow along during their messages. Many software packages include multiple Bible translations for this type of presentation. Some ministers may use this technology to show multimedia presentations during the message as well. For example, a minister may present a movie clip to illustrate a point in the message.

There are several other uses for church presentation software. Some church nurseries use it to notify parents of problems with their children. Others use it to integrate PowerPoint® presentations with other types of church materials. Some software packages offer music tracks that the music minister can use in practice sessions or during the service.


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Post 2

@allenJo - I’ve used church presentation software too. The software itself seemed to be OK most of the time, but sometimes we’d get a glitch and the software wouldn’t display anything on screen.

You have to set up the software to use two monitors – one for your laptop, and one for your screen monitor. I did that, but on occasion the laptop would display the visual but there was nothing on the big projector screen.

I never could figure out if that was a software issue or a hardware issue (the projector) but I have to admit that I wasn’t the expert in our church. I’d only step in when the regular “presenter” was away.

Post 1

I was responsible for using the church presentation software at our church for two years. We used Easy Worship, and used it for the most basic purposes: to display lyrics on the screen, show announcements and also display the pastor’s sermon outline.

Our program had the ability to import PowerPoint presentations and this was usually the format in which he delivered the sermon outline to me. It was great to have visuals that went along with his message.

The software also had limited capability to display multimedia video files, although I noticed that it taxed the system when the clips were too long; so we limited this use of the application.

What I really liked was the ability to display Scripture verses on the fly; we had the whole Bible stored in the application so I could always put up the relevant verses, even if pastor was departing from his notes.

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