What Is Christian Life Coaching?

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Christian life coaching is a form of guidance that covers such life topics as health, marriage, self-esteem, finance, life goals, organization, and various other problems that clients may encounter. This service is offered to clients who are seeking positive reinforcement in their lives and who are in search of religious-based aid. There are many life coaches who work through various Christian churches and services are offered in a variety of forms, including in-person counseling, telephone or e-mail sessions, and group meetings. An admiration for the life of Jesus is the foundation of Christian life coaching, and teachings are based on biblical references and personal experiences.

Although many coaches have advanced degrees in family therapy or related areas, there are certification courses offered to those who are interested in Christian life coaching. These programs are designed to train anyone who has a passion for helping others and who are intrigued by spiritual-based counseling. Many of these courses may last up to several weeks and are designed to teach individuals to use biblical passages and stories to assist clients in making life changes. Some courses offer practice counseling sessions that primarily focus on in-person therapy, which is the basis for Christian life coaching and prepares the trainee to perform other forms of counseling. Information on these courses can be found easily on the Internet or at numerous Christian churches.


Instead of providing direct solutions to problems, this type of counseling uses spiritual guidance to help clients make their own life improvements. A primary goal of Christian life coaching is to help enhance a variety of relationships, including those with spouses, family members, coworkers, neighbors, friends, and one's self. Ultimately, repairing and/or improving relations with others will usually result in a ripple effect of improvements, including self-confidence and health. Coaches generally focus on problems specified by the client but use their training to convey the concept of overall wellness of body, soul, and mind.

These coaches come from diverse backgrounds and use their personal experiences as well as their faith to help clients resolve life issues. There are no requirements for clients, and anyone seeking guidance can consult with a Christian life coach. Some clients are not struggling with crisis but are seeking guidance on how to live a more fulfilling life, and coaches can help them organize and assess their goals, aspirations, relationships, and their overall well-being.


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