What Is Chocolate Bacon?

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Chocolate bacon refers to strips of bacon dipped in dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Turkey bacon or standard pork bacon can be used to create chocolate-covered bacon treats. Chocolate should be added to bacon only after the bacon is already fully cooked. Fairs and carnivals are common places where chocolate bacon can be found. Many specialty stores and candy shops also carry this unique food.

This dessert can be found in strips and can be eaten by hand. It can also be common to see chocolate bacon on a stick when it is sold at a carnival. Restaurants might sell this goodie as a topping for another dessert, in which case it might be eaten with a fork or spoon.

Variations of cupcakes and cakes can be prepared by combining chocolate and bacon. Some bakers might choose to put small pieces of precooked bacon into their cake batter. Other chefs might follow a recipe for a traditional chocolate cake and simply use crispy bacon as a garnish.

People who enjoy the flavor of chocolate and bacon combined can purchase chocolate bacon candy bars. Although these items can be difficult to find in a local grocery store, they can be purchased on various websites as well as in custom candy shops. Different variations of the chocolate bacon candy bar are available. Some varieties include the addition of items such as almonds, toffee or pistachios.


Treats containing chocolate and bacon should be consumed in extreme moderation. The type of chocolate bacon that can be purchased at a typical fair contains more than 600 calories per serving. It also is rich in fat and sodium. Eating this food excessively can contribute to weight gain, water retention and heart problems.

Anyone who has ever made chocolate-covered strawberries or pretzels at home should have no problem making homemade chocolate covered bacon. The bacon can be cooked to personal preference using a frying pan or microwave. Most recipes for chocolate bacon recommend making the bacon crispy for the best results in regard to texture and flavor.

Chocolate chips should be melted to their liquid form using a double boiler while the bacon cools. After the chocolate is ready, the bacon can be hand-dipped into the melted chocolate using caution. The finished product should be refrigerated to speed up the chocolate-hardening process.


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