What Is Chinese Herb Tea?

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Chinese herb tea is not an actual tea, but a brew made from a number of herbs that are used in traditional Chinese medicine. This medicinal beverage may be drunk cold or hot, and is used as a cooling drink to ward off heat and to treat a variety of ailments like sore throat, flu, upset stomach, high blood pressure and so on. It is possible to prepare the Chinese herbal tea at home from fresh herbs, or the herbal tea may be purchased ready made in powdered form or in tea bags. The taste and color of the Chinese herb tea depends on the composition of its herbal ingredients; the tea may retain its original bitter taste or may have sweeteners added to make it more palatable.

The herbs are boiled in water for a specific length of time and the brew is then strained; if herbal tea bags are used, of course, they only need to be dipped in boiled water. Cantonese speakers refer to Chinese herbal tea as liong cha and in the Mandarin language it is known as liang cha. Some flowers like jasmine may be added to the tea to give it a pleasant flavor.


One well-known Chinese herb tea is Kuding tea. It is made using plant extracts from the Ligustrum robustum and the Ilex kudingcha plants, and is very bitter. It is regularly prescribed in traditional Chinese medicine to patients suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol problems; the chemicals in the tea are effective in regulating blood pressure and lowering cholesterol build up.

Kuding tea has also been found to be effective for treating common cold, bronchitis, strained eyes, headaches, inflammations and fevers. It has a calming effect on the nerves and is said to improve mental focus. Drinking this tea may also improve the blood circulation and help with digestion.

Another Chinese herb tea is made from a herbaceous vine called jiaogulan; this is a member of the gourd family. Drinking this tea is also beneficial for people with blood pressure and cholesterol problems. It has been found to be effective in treating altitude sickness as well.

While drinking Chinese herb tea is generally safe, it is best to drink it in moderation. It may also be advisable, in some cases, to consult a medical practitioner beforehand. This is particularly important if there are any other ongoing medications that may potentially clash with the medicinal herbs.


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Post 2

If you want to try to lower your high cholesterol levels by drinking Chinese herbal tea, you should start with a consultation with your doctor to make sure he or she thinks this would be beneficial for you. Treating medical conditions with natural remedies is a good idea when it works, but this kind of treatment doesn't work for everyone.

If your doctor approves, you should have your cholesterol levels checked before beginning this herbal remedy. Then, after drinking the Chinese herbal tea for several months, you should have your cholesterol levels checked again to see if there are any improvements. If not, you may have to reconsider this treatment.

Post 1

I drink Chinese herbal tea, and I think it makes me feel like I have a lot more energy. Since it has a flavor that does not appeal to some people, it is a good idea to add other ingredients to make it taste better.

Chinese herbal tea served hot with a dash of cinnamon and sugar is very tasty. You can also add lemon and honey to hot or cold Chinese herbal tea for a sweet and tangy beverage.

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