What is Chemical Engineering Consulting?

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Chemical engineering is a complex field that requires a wide breadth of knowledge. Many companies, even engineering firms, frequently need insight into this world and chemical engineering consulting companies are brought in. These organizations are staffed by experts in the field that work on specific jobs for clients. They handle anything from working with air pollution to developing new food dyes. The men and women who provide consultations commonly have many years of experience in the field.

Chemical engineering consulting is utilized by many companies for a variety of different reasons. Most typically, consultants are called on when a company has a chemical engineering need, but does not have anyone on staff that can handle the job. In other instances, a company can have its own chemical engineering department, but the job is beyond the experience or capabilities of the in-house staff.


These chemical engineering consulting jobs run the gamut of responsibilities. Analysis is a frequent request of a chemical engineer, often by companies that produce foods, and require an individual to take a substance and break down its chemical forms. Product development is more rare, because most companies that require development have a research and development office, but sometimes a consultant is brought in to create a chemical based on a company's needs. Process control is another highly sought after skill from a chemical technician, because these experts can offer insight on improving production, cutting down on waste, or dealing with waste by-products. These are just a few of the many jobs which range widely and occur on an individual company basis.

Chemical engineering consulting has no strict base of operations. Like the jobs that are performed, the locations of the jobs differ. Some jobs, like process evaluation, require engineers to travel to the site. Other jobs, like development, can be done from a home laboratory and require little travel on the part of the engineers. Flexibility is one of the biggest selling points of this career.

One thing that is fairly consistent about chemical engineering consulting jobs is that they are staffed by more experienced engineers. This job requires a great deal of problem solving and expertise, so its engineers have many years of field work to fall back on. This staffing method provides consistency and efficiency for clients that often demand both.


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