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Cheez Whiz®, that icon of the midnight snacking world, is actually considered a "processed cheese sauce" by its creator, Kraft Foods. Kraft Foods introduced the product in 1952, although its popular predecessor, a thicker processed cheese food called Velveeta®, had been on store shelves since the 1920s. While Velveeta® worked well in recipes calling for a melt-able cheese, it still remained fairly solid at room temperature. By adding various stabilizers and extenders, Kraft's food engineers were able to create a cheese sauce which would still be soft at room temperature. Cheez Whiz® was the final result of those experiments.

Most people use Cheez Whiz® as a cheese-flavored dip for snack items such as crackers, potato chips and corn tortilla chips, but it can also be mixed with diced onions, cilantro and jalapeño peppers to form salsa con queso. Because it remains viable at room temperature, it can also be offered as a condiment for hamburgers, hot dogs and other sandwiches. One of the most popular uses of the sauce is as a topping for authentic Philly cheese steak sandwiches. Customers at the popular Philly cheese steak stands in Philadelphia often order their sandwich "Whiz wit," meaning a topping of heated Cheez Whiz® and grilled onions.

While processed foods in general have been criticized for years, the makers of this and similar dairy-based products have recently come under fire for using an illegal, or at least unapproved, additive called Milk Protein Concentrate, or MPC. In the case of Cheez Whiz®, MPC is used primarily to eliminate some of the inherent problems of cheese solids. When milk is filtered through an ultra-fine mesh, the result is a concentrated form of milk protein that has the ability to lock in more whey and water than traditional cheese proteins. MPC has not been approved as a food additive by the US government, however, so its continued use is somewhat controversial.

One surprising use for Cheez Whiz® is as a homemade stain remover for grease-based stains. Certain natural enzymes found in this product have the power to break up organic greases and oils, so a number people have been known to use it as a pre-wash cleaning agent. A generous supply of the cheese sauce should be worked into the soiled area and allowed to sit for ten minutes before washing. Even if it is not destined to be a pantry item, it can still be kept with other laundry supplies in a utility room.

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Post 33

You can buy it in Canada.

Post 32

I too miss jalapeno cheez whiz. I have many recipes that need this product. What is this country coming to. No jalapeno cheez whiz and now no Twinkies. Bummer.

Post 31

I am looking for Jalapeno Cheez Whiz and cannot find it anywhere. Please tell me where I can find it. We just loved it when we could find it. Where did it go? Please bring it back soon!

Post 29

it's going to be relaunched in Canada in 2011.

Post 27

I have been looking for Jalapeno Cheese Whiz. I made a Hominy recipe my husband really liked.

Post 26

We miss the jalapeno version too. Our family Broccolli Rice Casserole misses it. I have tried regular cheez whiz with some chopped jalapenos. Close but still not right. This year I came up with a pretty good substitute. It is Kroger Nice N Cheesy Queso Blanco with Jalapenos. It is in the block like Velveeta. It is not too bad. Give it a try.

Post 25

My mother passed down the most delicious casserole recipe using jalapeno cheese whiz. I can find nothing that makes the casserole taste like it should. As others have mentioned - all other jalapeno or mexican cheese dips are too runny. Kraft - please bring jalapeno cheese whiz back!

Post 24

I used to find jalapeno cheese whiz in Texas or New Mexico. Not anymore. I'm on board with bringing it back. I'll also call Kraft.

Post 23

We loved the jalapeno cheese whiz, and can't find ii anywhere around here now. can we order this from kraft? my hubsand and i bought it by mistake one time then we were addicted, and would love to see it come back.

Post 22

The last time I was in Mexico (2006), Cheez Whiz with jalapeño was still widely available. Unfortunately Whiz is not sold anywhere here in South America, but Mexicans seem to like it a lot. Maybe Wal-Mart can bring some of it to their local stores, since Wal-Mart is partnered with Mexican supermarket giant Aurrerá.

Post 21

It wasn't just the taste, it was the texture of it that worked so well. Nothing out there is like it. Everything is too runny.

Post 20

i looking for them too. bring it back!

Post 18

Is anybody listening? We desperately need the jalapeno cheez whiz back for those special recipes. There is no substitute that gives you the taste you're looking for. Come on!

Post 17

Yes, i miss it terribly! Please give us back our jalapeno cheese whiz!

Post 16

Please bring back our jalapeno cheese whiz! Sad life without it.

Post 15

I'm disappointed I cannot find jalapeno cheese whiz! Please bring back this product and keep your customers happy.

Post 14

Please bring it back! I've been looking all over for it. There's no substitution that taste as good.

Post 13

I called Kraft again and got the same song and dance --it wasn't a popular item. I don't know where they got that idea. If I knew how I would start a page (maybe on Facebook) to bring back Jalapeno Cheez Whiz. Anyone know how to do that?

Post 12

I really miss cheez whiz with jalapeno. I'm talking serious addiction here. I wish i knew what kraft was thinking when they stopped producing this product. I don't and won't buy any other.

Post 11

Kraft needs to bring back the jalapeno cheese whiz! It was the best ever!

Post 10

I called Kraft too. I will join the 'fight' to get it back if there is one. For a short while, I found a substitute at Cub Foods Stores and even Wal-mart had a similar product to Kraft's Jalapeno Cheese Whiz. I like it on Ritz or similar crackers with a beer or two.

Post 9

I agree with everyone about the discontinuance of the jalapeno cheese whiz. My wife has tried to

use other products and make her own, but it is definitely not the same. Please bring back the jalapeno cheese whiz! Bill

Post 8

Okay folks. I just called Kraft to complain about them discontinuing the Jalapeno Cheese Whiz and messing up a host of our recipes. They have no substitute as we have found out. So, we all need to bombard them with phone calls. The toll free number is 1-800-323-0768.

Post 7

It was the best--Kraft, please bring our J'Peno Whiz back!!

Post 6

i agree. i can't find anything even close to it. my famous broccoli cheese casserole is seriously affected!

Post 5

I can't believe such a tasty product would be discontinued. What were they thinkiong at Kraft??? Cheeze Whiz needs to come up with another idea to make there cheese more flavorful or Tostito's will win this hands down!!!!

Post 4

I contacted Kraft 2 years ago (or there abouts). They responded that it had been discontinued. I have tried numerous things to find substitutions but haven't been successful. I even bought Cheeze Whiz and added jalapenos to it. Not the same. Anybody got any other ideas?

Post 3

I have gone from store to store looking for the cheese whiz with Jalapenos and just saw that I am not the only one that is missing it. Did that jalapeno scare last year stop the production?? Such a great staple and there is nothing out there like it. *Great product*-Spunky!!!

Post 2

I am told jalapeno cheese whiz has been discontinued. Imagine that. I can't find any substitute for it. Any ideas? Maybe we should bombard Kraft with requests to bring it back.

Post 1

What ever happened to the jalapeno cheese whiz? it was like the best ever and I can't find it anymore!!

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