What is Chaste Berry Extract?

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Chaste berry extract is a dietary supplement which comes from the berry of the chaste berry tree. Contrary to what the name implies, the plant which produces natural chaste berry is actually a shrub which also features blue and violet flowers. The name “chaste berry tree” comes from the idea held by ancient Romans and Greeks that the plant was useful for keeping people pure as well as for warding off evil spirits.

Today, chaste berry products are used for a variety of medicinal purposes, primarily for repairing hormonal imbalances in some women. Supplements are used for those who are entering menopause, as well as for those who have certain fertility issues. Unlike many other supplements used for similar purposes,including wild yam root and black cohosh, chaste berry extract affects the body indirectly and is not a hormone.

It is believed that chaste berry extract helps regulate hormonal imbalances by directly affecting the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. This results in more progesterone production and less follicle stimulating hormone production. Because many hormonal disorders, such as poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), are caused by hindered progesterone production, chaste berry extract may be a beneficial treatment option.


Using chaste berry is recommended during menopause because it helps the brain produce leveled amounts of progesterone, thus reducing some of the troubling symptoms associated with going through this change. Hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, and moodiness may all be lessened by taking chaste berry regularly. Sometimes it may be used in combination with other natural herbal remedies, such as black or blue cohosh, but a doctor should be consulted before any supplements are taken.

Ancient Roman texts indicate that physicians of that time believed that chaste berry helped a woman produce more milk while she was nursing a baby. Current research has shown, however, that chaste berry extract actually has the reverse effect. Animals that were given chaste berry on a regular basis after giving birth produced much less of the hormone prolactin, which is responsible for proper milk production. These animals had drastically lower milk supplies than those who were given no supplements.

Other uses for chaste berry extract may include giving it to those with digestive upset. Some cultures have used the supplement for treating gas, colic, and painful obstructions in the digestive tract. Although the ancients believed it was effective for preventing passions from overtaking them, some studies indicate that chaste berry syrup may, again, have the opposite effect.


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Post 4

Thank you. It's a very nice article, but my question is, how do I use this Chaste berry? I bought it already in tablets, but I am afraid to use it because I have no idea how to use it. I mean, the dosage and also when should I take it -- before a meal or after a meal? Best regards, Maria

Post 3

@rebelgurl28 – Your daughter should talk to her health care adviser. Additionally, it is always a good idea to be informed and she can research it on the Internet. I know WebMD has some information on chasteberry.

I was unaware that chaste berry extract could be used in treating menopause. I have a friend, who has used the wild yam root, and I know other people who have use black cohosh, but I don’t recall anyone mentioning the chaste berry extract.

I appreciate the information in this article and will definitely be researching it further.

Post 2

I have never heard of this plant or the chaste tree berry extract before reading this article. My daughter has poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and I will be passing this information on to her.

Where would she find more information on dosage and chaste tree berry side effects?

Post 1

The chaste berry plant is known by many names, including vitex agnus castus and Texas lilac. In additional to its medicinal properties it is a beautiful ornamental plant.

It grows very well in hot, dry areas and it grows rapidly. Keeping it trimmed it an important part of caring for it, but if you do you will be rewarded with beautiful, fragrant flowers that can be used as cut flower bouquets in your home.

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