What is Champagne Vinegar?

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When it comes to making a light and flavorful salad dressing, champagne vinegar is an ingredient that is sure to please. As a light vinegar that bears a similar taste to that of good quality champagne, this designer vinegar can be used to create an exciting cosmopolitan taste that will add zing to the plainest of salads. Here are some basic facts about this type of vinegar, including some examples of how the vinegar can be used to create a dressing or marinade that is ideal for different types of cold salads and vegetables.

Champagne vinegar is produced using the same type of grapes as the better types of champagne. Usually employing champagne grapes such as Chardonnay or Pinot Noir grapes in the process, the vinegar is created using the same basic process used to age white vinegar and apple cider vinegar.

Once each champagne grape hull is removed and the liquid drained, the end result is a vinegar that has a slight hint of vanilla taste, coupled with the rich flavor of champagne. It is not unusual for people to mix champagne vinegar with other vinegars, especially those with a slightly fruity taste, to create the basis for a number of different types of vinaigrettes.


As a great way to make a low calorie dressing toss, use one packet of artificial sweetener and a few tablespoons of champagne vinegar. The combination will provide both a sweet and acidic quality to the salad greens that many people find to be a wonderful compliment. This simple dressing idea is especially good for persons who are controlling diabetic conditions with diet, as well as people with allergies to ingredients normally found in bottled salad dressings.

This vinegar can also be combined with spices and olive oil to make a tasty marinade. The marinade can be used to add flavor to baked and broiled chicken, as well as providing a great taste for bean salads and other types of marinated vegetables. Typically, marinating the meat or vegetables for a minimum of two hours will result in entrees and side dishes that will please the taste buds of just about everyone.

As an additive to tomato based sauces, champagne vinegar can help bring out the flavor of all the ingredients used to make the sauce. Just a teaspoon of this vinegar can make a big difference in the aroma of spaghetti and marinara sauces, as well as adding a little something extra to everyday dishes, such as sloppy Joes.

Vinegar is also healthy additive that is sometimes overlooked in our days of prepackaged foods and quick meals. Incorporating a little champagne vinegar into some of your favorite recipes is a great way to enhance the flavor of some old favorites, as well as create some new marinated dishes.


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Post 7

where can i find champagne vinegar close to anderson IN ?

Post 6

Red wine vinegar may work if champagne vinegar is not available.

Post 5

if i can't find Champagne vinegar what can i use that is close?

Post 4

There are very small traces of alcohol found in several vinegars, although the bulk of the alcohol content turns into acetic acid during the process of making the vinegar. It is not likely to be any higher than 2%.

Post 3

Is there any alcoholic content in champagne vinegar?

Post 2

Champagne vinegar can be purchased at many upscale supermarkets, kitchen shops that end to carry various blends of oils and vinegars, and also at a number of online retail outlets.

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Where can I purchase Champagne Vinegar?

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