What is Chakra Music?

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Many people consider chakra music to be a valuable tool for meditation. The seven chakras, or spiritual energy centers of the body, are said to be located along the length of the spine, running vertically from the top of the head to the tail bone. The base chakra, at the tail bone, is believed to be the "first" chakra, since spiritual energy is said to begin in that chakra and move upward through the body to the top of the head. Emotional and spiritual dysfunctions are said to occur when these chakras are out of balance or not functioning correctly. Using chakra music during meditation is said to help open and balance the body's spiritual energy centers, to enhance feelings of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

In the Hindu tradition, the human body is said to have seven centers of spiritual energy. These chakras are said to be located at the tail bone, the sacrum, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the forehead, and the top of the head. If these chakras are blocked or out of balance, psychological, physical, and emotional problems are believed to result. Opening and balancing the flow of energy through these chakras is said to help increase energy and boost mood, as well as bring peace of mind.


The seven chakras are said to correspond with various musical notes or frequencies. Listening to those frequencies is said to stimulate the chakras to produce more spiritual energy. Each of the chakras is said to respond to a unique frequency, so chakra balancing meditation music may incorporate all seven of the frequencies considered beneficial for opening and balancing the chakras. Some types of chakra music focus on opening just one specific chakra, and may therefore use only one frequency. Most types of chakra music use biurnal beats, which are believed to have a strong neurological influence.

Practitioners of chakra balancing meditation typically believe that using chakra music to aid meditation can help open and balance the chakras faster. It's generally considered possible to open the chakras through meditation alone, without the assistance of music, but most practitioners of chakra-balancing meditation believe that it could take an entire lifetime to achieve chakra balance using meditation alone.


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