What is CH&a?

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CH&A is a real estate term that is often used in discussions about the amenities associated with different types of property. Short for Central Heat and Air Conditioning, the acronym is a quick and easy way to convey what is often an important piece of information about the property in question, without taking up a lot of printed space.

The use of CH&A is common when placing apartment listings in newspaper classified ads or other local publications. As advertisements for rentals have become common online, the abbreviation has made the transition to electronic advertising as well. Noting CH&A as part of the features of an apartment is very common when advertising the availability of units in older apartment houses. While new apartment complexes often include central heat and air as a basic component, older complexes do not always include these types of amenities. Adding a notation that CH&A to the ad lets prospective tenants know the apartment in question has both the charm of an older apartment home as well as the modern convenience of the latest heating and cooling technology.


In like manner, home listings often include the use of CH&A in the house description. Like the acronym HVAC, which stands for heating ventilation and air conditioning, the designation of CH&A can alert a potential buyer to an important fact. CH&A indicates that even though the home may be a sixty year old bungalow, it has all the modern conveniences of a controlled climate system to make the dwelling comfortable all year long.

The use of CH&A, along with other real estate acronyms, serves the purpose of including a lot of information in a very small space. This helps the ads to capture the attention of interested persons and hold their attention long enough to make the point. Whether used in print advertising such as classified sections or magazine ads, or as part of an electronic ad, acronyms such as CH&A will continue to be a useful tool for both sellers and consumers.


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