What is Celery Salt?

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Celery salt is a type of food additive that is made by combining table salt with celery seeds. In some instances, celery salt may be made with celery root. Typically, celery salt is added to food in order to enhance flavor, though it can also be added to alcoholic drinks. A classic Bloody Mary includes celery salt.

While there are lots of different celery salts on the market, many people consider "Old Bay Seasoning" brand the most popular. While Old Bay Seasoning does include celery seeds and salt, it also includes an array of other spices, so is not considered to be strictly celery salt. Old Bay Seasoning is manufactured by McCormick and Company, and it has been on consumer shelves since the early 1940s.

In addition to acting as a food enhancer, salt that contains celery is one of the staple ingredients in a Chicago-style hot dog. These hot dogs are either boiled or steamed, placed inside of a sesame seed bun, and topped with a mixture of sweet pickle relish, onion, mustard, a dill pickle, peppers, tomato, and celery seed salt. These hot dogs have been around for decades, and they are still popular today.


While many people are under the false assumption that celery seed salt is healthier than regular salt, this is a false notion. Celery does contain an abundance of Vitamin C, and this may help to lower blood pressure, but celery seed salt should not be used in place of regular salt. As stated, celery seed salt still contains salt, which should not be part of a low-salt diet.

Celery salt can be made at home as well as purchased in a supermarket. To make celery seed salt, place seeds inside of a coffee grinder. Alternately, seeds can be placed inside of a mortar and petal, and ground until a fine powder is produced. Pulse seeds until they are finely chopped, and place seeds inside of a tightly sealed container. Next, measure out one tablespoon of seeds to two tablespoons of salt. Finally, add the mixture to a salt shaker. Celery seeds can be purchased in any spice store or supermarket. When making homemade celery seed salt, be sure to purchase whole celery seeds.


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Old Bay is a great, all-purpose seasoning. It's good on nearly everything. Celery salt is a nice seasoning to use if you want flavor without a strong presence like garlic.

However, it is still salt, so you need to season with care. You can always add more salt, but it's difficult to remove it.

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