What Is Celeriac Remoulade?

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Celeriac remoulade is a type of celery remoulade that only uses the root of a type of celery that is often called celeriac. A remoulade is a condiment commonly used with meat and seafood in France and areas that have been heavily influenced by French cuisine. Most celeriac remoulade recipes call for a large amount of celeriac, making celeriac remoulade a chunkier condiment than other remoulades, which are usually smooth or liquid.

Though high-end restaurant remoulades are usually made from a mayonnaise or aioli made from scratch, a quick celeriac remoulade can be created by mixing cut up celeriac and other flavorings with canola mayonnaise. Vegetables that can be tasty when added to celeriac remoulade include chopped onions and pickles. Celeriac remoulade can also be flavored with herbs, mustard, and chopped apples. Some celeriac remoulades call for a large amount of mustard, giving the dish a sharp bite, while others only call for a small amount of mustard to brighten the flavor.


Celeriac is a variety of celery grown mainly for its celery flavored root. It can also be called knob or turnip-rooted celery. It has a big, potato-like root buried at the bottom of some delicate, green foliage that is similar to that found on typical store-bought celery. In addition to remoulade, this ingredient is used in many forms, including fresh, roasted, and steamed, in a variety of dishes ranging from soups to casseroles. It can be mashed into a paste, sliced and fried, or cut up and cooked in baked pastries and casseroles.

Like with other remoulades, the base of a celeriac remoulade is generally made with either aioli or mayonnaise. Its texture differs somewhat from standard remoulades, and is actually closer in consistency to a cole slaw that is a bit heavy on the mayonnaise. Remoulade is a generally creamy condiment similar to tartar sauce. This condiment is mainly used in France, but it is also commonly eaten in Louisiana and some parts of Canada.

Recipes for remoulade can vary greatly. An absolute basic remoulade is essentially just a mayonnaise or aioli condiment. This food can be a somewhat solid, jelly-like consistency or a pourable liquid similar to salad dressing. Runnier recipes for remoulade are often called remoulade sauce. Other than celery root, common ingredients in a remoulade include onion and pickles, but may include almost anything chopped up in a base of mayonnaise, including hard-boiled eggs.


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