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Celadrin® is a nutritional supplement intended to promote joint health. It can be used by people with arthritis and joint conditions, as well as being added to the diets of people with healthy joints who want to support their joints and keep them strong. This product is available over the counter in drug stores and some grocery stores, and can usually be found with other nutritional supplements including vitamins and assorted food additives. It can also be ordered from mail order suppliers for home delivery.

Both softgels and topical cream formulations of Celadrin® are available for consumers. The product is made with an assortment of treated fatty acids the manufacturer claims act as “cellular lubricants” to strengthen the cell membrane and increase lubrication and hydration in the joints. This reduces pressure on the joints and can be used to address inflammatory processes as well as the natural dehydration observed in the joints over time as a result of the aging process.

Having more hydrated joints can improve joint elasticity. This makes joints more flexible, allowing people to retain a bigger range of motion, and it can reduce pain and stiffness in the joints. People who have difficulty walking up stairs, fully extending joints, and engaging in a variety of other physical tasks because of stiff joints may use supplements like Celadrin® to improve joint health. This product is also designed to reduce joint pain.

Celadrin® has been investigated in clinical studies and some studies suggest that, when compared to a placebo, the product does have some joint benefits. People must take the supplement for at least 30 days and it is most effective when combined with gentle stretching to promote joint strength and flexibility. Celadrin® can be useful for older adults with stiff joints, as well as athletes and other individuals who are hard on their joints as a result of their lifestyles.

This nutritional supplement does not have any known side effects or conflicts with other supplements or medications. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking new nutritional supplements, to confirm their safety, and if a medication is prescribed, patients should make their doctors aware of any supplements they are taking. New information about drug interactions and other complications is constantly being discovered and it is prudent to give doctors an opportunity to identify a potential conflict before changes are made to a patient's nutrition or medication regimens.

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