What is CBox?

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CBox is a unique chat widget that can be implemented on a website so that visitors can comment or chat with the website owner or other visitors. Its ability to let users simultaneously leave messages and chat makes it the ideal solution for website owners who seek an application that has both the capability of providing tagging and chatting options. A basic version of CBox is available to the public for free.

CBox does not require Flash, Java or complicated plugins to function. CBox allows for the use of custom emoticons and does not impose spam on users. Amongst its features, it boasts message history and customizable color schemes and it gives website owners the option of choosing who can use the application. In addition, the application can support the activities of hundreds of users at one time without compromising the functionality of the application or the website on which it is hosted.

Those who enter CBox will find a real-time messaging service. Users may leave messages that stay visible long after they log out of the application. They may also use the application as a chat room to engage in live conversations with other members. Many website owners will find that providing a chat widget for those who share common interests is a good way to group readers together and encourage connections and conversations.


Individual experience with the application will vary, depending on the website owner's customization preferences and if the version of the application is free or premium. For example, users of the premium version may hear sound notifications, see who is online and have a password-protected user name. Those who use the free version may not have any of these options available to them and may even have to manually refresh the application to see new messages.

Bloggers may also find adding CBox to their blogs a useful investment. The implementation of a chat feature on a blog can mean increased reader viewership. By encouraging interactivity, CBox can provide a way for bloggers and readers to interact on a more personal level.

CBox can be implemented by first visiting its official website. Those interested in using the application will have to register with the website. Then, they will be asked to insert a provided code onto their website. Website owners or bloggers can opt to upgrade to the premium, paid version that offers more features and better support options than the free version.


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