What is Caulk Remover?

Misty Amber Brighton

Caulk remover is used to remove caulk from bathroom fixtures, windows, doors or kitchen sinks, to name a few of the many places it can be used. A person doing bathtub, shower or tile repair might need to remove the caulk that forms a seal around these items. Caulk remover aids a handyman in removing this durable substance so that repairs can be made. It also is used to remove old caulking whenever it becomes worn or cracked because of age or exposure to the elements.

A caulking gun.
A caulking gun.

This product usually comes in an oblong tube with a nozzle and cap on the end. The packaging resembles multipurpose caulk that can be dispensed from the tube rather than from a caulking gun. Additionally, an all-purpose type of caulk remover might come in an eight-ounce (0.24 l) bottle with a plastic childproof cap.

There are caulk removers designed for different types of caulk. For example, one type of caulk remover might be used for tile repair, another for sink repair and yet another for outdoor use. For best results, a homeowner should know which type of caulk he or she is trying to remove. If the homeowner does not know, the general-purpose type purchased in a bottle will soften most types of caulk enough that it can be removed easily with a caulk removal tool.

Caulk remover can be purchased at home improvement retailers, hardware stores or in the hardware and paint sections of department stores. It usually will be located in the same aisle as regular caulk, caulking guns and weatherproofing items. Consumers should pay special attention to the product packaging to ensure that they are buying a caulk remover rather than standard caulk, as well as the type of remover needed for the job at hand. A five-ounce (0.15 l) tube will remove about 12 to 14 feet (3.66 to 4.27 m) of caulk, and an eight-ounce (0.24 l) bottle will remove approximately 24 feet (7.32 m).

Caulk remover is safe to handle and non-toxic to breathe. Some types of caulk remover might need to cure for as long as two hours, and homeowners do not need to leave the area while this is happening. Cleanup requires only a solution of mild soap and water applied with a damp rag or sponge. There should not be any residue left after cleanup. Caulk remover is an inexpensive product that can be applied easily by anyone regardless of his or her skill level in home improvement and repairs.

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