What is Cathiodermi?

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Cathiodermi is a skin treatment that relies on oxygenation and deep cleansing. It is a type of facial treatment that regenerates outer tissue layers of the skin by removing impurities. Cathiodermi employs the aid of electric stimulation at a low dosage. The skin is covered with a special gel and an electrical machine is used to pass a current over the skin. It is a treatment developed in France in the late 20th century, and is also known as hydradermie.

Cathiodermi, as a skin and facial treatment, is commonly known as a form of electric stimulation therapy. This type of treatment uses a plant-extract mask over the pores of the face, and an ultrasound machine to send a low voltage impulse through the gel, with the ultrasound wand gliding over the face. Cathiodermi also hydrates the skin, and brighten it with fruit acids and enzymes. It employs a lifting effect with vitamins and collagen, with the electrical shock exercising the muscles of the face and neck.


The improvement of skin circulation is also a main goal of cathiodermi. The gel is used to clean and open the pores, while the electrical shock exercises the muscles of the face allowing for the intake and circulation of oxygen. The cleaning and exercising of the face allows the pores to breathe more freely, resulting in a healthier, more youthful look for the skin. The clean pores give the skin a more natural color and a brighter shade in about an hour of treatment.

Cathiodermi was first used by French skincare specialist Rene Guinot. It was the first professional skincare treatment to utilize a machine-based facial therapy suitable for any skin type. The electric Cathiodermi machine massages the toxins out of the pores while stimulating the delicate muscles of the face. This stimulation results in a desired fresh look of the skin, and an increased elasticity, eradicating wrinkles. Cathiodermi, since Guinot’s original use, has been upgraded to include a lifting technique without the gel that uses small electrical tools.

Cathiodermi sessions are suggested for people with mature skin, restricting young children. Fifty-minute sessions are recommended twice per week. Usually a typical Cathiodermi cycle will last 10-12 sessions, and can be followed by an in-depth hands-on massage. Cathiodermi is renowned for its quick and effective results, and is often looked at as a fast solution prior to a special occasion.


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