What is Catalog Printing?

N. Madison
N. Madison

Catalog printing is is a popular way to market a company’s offerings. An attractive, well-designed catalog can sell products or services for just about any business. Businesses of all sizes often use catalogs in their marketing plans. There are many catalog printing businesses available, offering everything from black and white to full-color printing. There are also different processes available for catalog printing, including offset, digital, and web-based printing.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Distributing catalogs is a highly effective way to boost sales. A range of products and services can be effectively and attractively showcased with well-designed, informative catalogs. To reap the maximum benefit, careful planning should go into catalog printing and time should be spent on creating the best possible marketing tool.

When preparing for catalog printing, be sure to take the time to develop clear copy. Proofread your copy and double-check it for correct information. You don’t want to print thousands of catalogs, only to discover you have misspelled your business name or included the wrong contact information. Whenever possible, have a second person who is very familiar with your business double-check your copy as well.

Choose a layout that is well balanced. Avoid cramming too many products or too much information onto one catalog page. A catalog that has too many products per page may overwhelm customers and make them less willing to peruse it.

Many companies choose to hire a designer to help them with the layout and planning of their catalogs. Such designers are typically both skilled and experienced with preparing catalogs for printing. Sometimes, catalog printing companies have in-house designers that provide help with producing effective catalogs.

You needn’t have thousands of items to create a successful catalog. Catalog printing can encompass everything from a simple four-page, folded catalog to book size catalogs with hundreds of pages. Even companies with minimal product offerings find catalogs effective at boosting sales. Sometimes, smaller catalogs are even better than larger versions at stimulating the interest of potential customers. After all, browsing through a catalog of 1,500 items may be overwhelming for some individuals.

When you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of catalog printing for your particular business, be sure to consider the potential for reorders. Not only can you hope to receive significant initial orders from your catalogs, but you may also receive orders from repeat customers months after your catalog mailing. Furthermore, the initial recipients of your catalogs may allow others to browse them as well, bring more sales your way.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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