What Is Carrot Ice Cream?

Anna B. Smith

Carrot ice cream is a frozen dairy dessert that has been flavored with carrots. These vegetables are typically boiled and chopped finely so that they may blend with the creamy, dairy base of the dish. Other spices and extracts may be added to enhance the flavors of the carrots, depending on the taste preferences of the chef. Some spice combinations can yield a flavor of ice cream that is similar in taste to that of carrot cake.


This dessert is often flavored with additional ingredients to increase the natural sweetness of the vegetable. Carrots combined with cream alone tends to create a somewhat bland and slightly bitter flavor. Additional flavors that are frequently added to recipes for carrot ice cream include oranges, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. These items are not required when cooking this food, and may be omitted by those who prefer the more natural taste of the vegetable alone.

Cream is an essential ingredient when making ice cream.
Cream is an essential ingredient when making ice cream.

The carrots are initially boiled in hot water in preparation for use in this type of dish. Once they are extremely soft, they may be put through a food puree machine until fine in consistency. They are then added to the cream mixture and blended together immediately prior to chilling and freezing.

The creamy milk base of the carrot ice cream may be blended together by hand and used with an ice cream maker. Common ingredients used in this portion of the dessert include half and half, heavy whipping cream, egg yolks, sugar, and whatever additional spices the chef may desire to pair with the flavors of the carrots. The dairy products are whisked together in a hot saucepan and combined later with the eggs and sugar. Once all foods have been whisked until thick and creamy, they may be poured together with the carrot puree into a cooling jar or ice cream maker.

The name carrot ice cream may also be used to refer to the flavors that are typically associated with carrot cake. This type of cake is also made using purred carrots, as well as other spices and extracts, and is traditionally topped with a cream cheese icing. When making carrot cake ice cream, cream cheese, cinnamon, vanilla, and raisins may be stirred into the cream mixture to recreate the tastes associated with its easily recognizable cake counterpart.

This flavor of ice cream may be served alone or alongside another dessert. Its unique and bold flavor make it an excellent companion for foods that are more mild in flavor. It may be scooped onto plain yellow cake, or garnished with biscotti served with hot, light flavored coffee.

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