What Is Caramel Dip?

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Caramel dip is a creamy and sugary caramel that can be used to top desserts. This sweet substance is made primarily of brown sugar, condensed milk, butter, corn syrup and vanilla. Fruit and pretzels can be dunked in this dip because it is much softer in consistency than chunks of caramel candy.

Homemade caramel dip can be created easily by using a sauce pan to heat and combine all of the ingredients. The mixture should be stirred thoroughly until it reaches a boil. Packaged caramel dip is sold in grocery stores and normally can be found near the fruits and vegetables. Caramel dip can be consumed cold or warm.

The soft nature of caramel dip allows people with dental work to enjoy the delightful flavor of caramel without putting their mouths in jeopardy. Hard caramel candies can easily damage braces, crowns and fragile teeth. Sticky, chewy caramel candies can become stuck in braces.

Vanilla ice cream covered in caramel dip can make for a delicious treat. Additionally, chocolate syrup and caramel can be combined for a doubly sweet dessert. Putting peanuts on top of caramel-coated ice cream is another common practice.


A little bit of caramel dip can go a long way in baking. The dip can be drizzled over pecan pie or cheesecake for added flavor. Caramel apple pie is another delightful confection. Bakers can choose to coat the bottom of the pie crust with caramel or to apply the sauce to the top of the pie.

Some bars and restaurants will create a caramel apple-flavored martini by combing vodka, butterscotch schnapps and sour apple pucker to achieve a caramel apple-like taste. Other venues will go the extra step of actually pouring caramel sauce into the martini glass. This drink can also be created at home and served at parties. An apple slice with a light coating of caramel can be utilized as a garnish.

Caramel apples are a popular treat on a stick often consumed around Halloween. They can also normally be found at carnivals and fairs. When making caramel apples at home, it might be better to melt down existing caramel candies to coat the apples than to use a dip. Caramel dip might be too soft to cover, remain on and harden onto the whole piece of fruit.


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