What is Car Tuning?

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An automobile is a complex integration of many mechanical devices. Car tuning is the process of maintaining or enhancing the mechanical performance of an automobile. This tuning typically includes adjustments to power, handling, and overall performance.

Cars require periodic maintenance to work properly. Each area of the car has specific maintenance requirements. Car tuning should be part of a scheduled maintenance program, which is defined by the car manufacturer. Some examples of periodic maintenance include oil changes, spark plug replacement, and brake replacement.

Computerized car tuning is a standard practice. The modern automobile is designed with sophisticated electronics that can provide diagnostics for mechanics. This helps a mechanic quickly determine how to resolve issues with vehicle tuning.

Most advanced car tuning modifications include adjustments to the suspension system of the vehicle. An automobile suspension determines how the car handles on the road. This suspension is typically modified for specific types of road surface. To understand this, think of off-road trucks. These automobiles use heavy duty shocks designed for rough road surfaces.

Horsepower and other motor performance parts also benefit from car tuning. This type of tuning is designed to make the vehicle faster. Most power modifications will decrease overall gas mileage because the motor will burn more fuel.


Automobiles used for street racing are typically modified with performance parts and advanced tuning techniques. Most street racing vehicles include a full range of modifications designed to make the car perform better. Tires are a critical part of overall car tuning. Tire modification helps a vehicle corner and stop quicker. Upgrading a car with performance tires is a simple step that makes the car handle better. Each type of tire is designed for specific road conditions, which makes them an easy bolt-on modification for road racing.

The braking system of an automobile is a critical element of car tuning. Performance breaks permits the driver to be more aggressive with his driving style. The brakes enable a car to stop faster, which enables better control over the vehicle.

NASCAR racing is one of the best examples of car tuning in practice. These cars have some of the most sophisticated performance modifications available. Each car is built from the ground up with performance tuning in the motor, drive train, suspension, and braking system. The racing team includes specialists in tuning techniques for each area of the automobile.


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Post 3

@Laotionne - Different vehicles have different types of spark plugs, and the life of these plugs can vary greatly. You should check out how often the manufacturer suggests you replace them. Some plugs can last up to 100,000 miles without you noticing any significant drop off in them.

Using bad plugs will lead to less pick up in your car and your gas mileage will suffer. You may also notice some sputtering in the engine. I would suggest you have them looked at.

Post 2

I am thinking about taking my car to a car tuning shop to have someone check out my spark plugs. I have heard that the spark plugs should be changed regularly and I can't remember ever having them changed. Does anyone know some of the symptoms of damaged spark plugs?

Post 1

I have never been conscientious about taking care of and maintaining my vehicles. My old excuse was that I simply could not remember what needed to be done and when it needed to be done. My father took care of the maintenance needs of my first car, and I thought that worked out very well.

For better and worse, I grew up and moved out of my parents' home. I lost my resident mechanic, and my car paid a hefty price. In short, I'll just say that a car engine really should have oil in it.

Fortunately, today I have a car that reminds me when a particular maintenance checkup is due, a little light goes off and

the message reads "service is due." This is almost as good as having my father to remind me.

Also, you can set up a program with some garages so that you receive an email to remind you when you need to bring your car in for repair and tuning. This system works really well for me, too, because sometimes I ignore the "service is due" reminders.

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