What is Campus Placement?

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Campus placement refers to job placement programs and activities administered by educational institutions for graduating students. Prospective employers typically visit university campuses to meet and recruit outstanding graduates for job openings. Regularly held job fairs are the main component of a campus placement program, and facilitate interviews and information sessions between graduating students and prospective employers. Students are encouraged to attend on-campus job fairs in professional attire, with resume in hand, and be prepared for potential on-the-spot job interviews.

The main purpose of campus placement programs is to give graduating college students a job search advantage. Through attending an on-campus job fair, a college student can interact with numerous prospective employers and gain a better sense of his employment options. Some of the recruitment events are industry-specific and allow students to gain exposure to a wide array of prospective employers in a specific niche. Multiple on-the-spot on-campus interviews save time and transportation costs, which is particularly significant in the case of employers based in other regions.


To make the most of campus placement programs, students must plan and prepare in advance. A visit to the college’s career planning office or website may be necessary early on in the graduating year to obtain a list of upcoming campus placement events. Before attending a campus placement job fair, students should research the prospective employer list and become familiar with the products and services of each company or organization. Professional resumes should be prepared in advance, and also be customized to address the specific requirements of job postings. In the case of graduating students with little to no work experience, a high grade point average, academic achievements, committee involvements, and extra-curricular activities can be highlighted on the resume.

Prospective employers typically set up booths in campus placement events to share information about their job openings and to meet graduating students. Such events are an opportunity for a student to make a positive first impression through a professional appearance, a pleasant demeanor, confident speaking skills, and a carefully tailored resume. Engaging prospective employers in intelligent conversations about their strengths and experience is an effective strategy for getting noticed. Employers who attend these events conduct on-the-spot and follow up interviews with outstanding students who are trainable and possess specific characteristics and qualifications. A high grade point average, leadership experience, technical knowledge and expertise, and relevant work experience are some of the characteristics sought by prospective employers during campus recruitment events.


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