What is Cabinet Design Software?

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Cabinet design software is computer software that helps users design and manufacture cabinets. Whether cabinets are simplistic, customized or located in a kitchen, bathroom or living room, cabinet design software can aid the average home owner in his residential renovations. Professional versions of the software can include tools that help in the construction of cabinets for commercial businesses.

Many competing,cabinet design software packages share a few basic features. The ability for users to view their designs in a 2D layout and have them spring to life in a 3D rendering is usually included. Panel optimization and cut lists are also popular features offered by software manufacturers. Options that help users create cut lists, print labels, estimate costs and generate reports are also included as features. Personal cabinet design software may even help a home owner generate a quote on expenses, while professional versions of the software can create invoices for clients.


The type of software that a user should buy may depend on his role in the cabinet designing. Home owners should opt to buy software that is intuitive, easy to understand and meant to work with residential homes, while professionals may choose to purchase software that boasts technical, architectural capabilities. For example, professional cabinet design software may come equipped to design cabinets in commercial buildings, providing architectural drawings, supply lists, floor plans, template contracts and other details necessary to successfully install cabinetry in businesses. Home owners, however, may be content with choosing a software package that gives users the ability to design in detail and select knobs, pulls and other hardware with the simple click of a mouse.

Users should be aware that some cabinet design software has the capability of designing more than just cabinets. It is not uncommon to find software that can tackle the designing and manufacturing processes of similar projects like desks, hutches, dressers, bookcases, bathroom vanities, entertainment centers and built-in furniture. Woodworkers will find cabinet design software an asset to their trade or hobby. In addition, each project, whether personal or professional, can be designed and created using industry-standard construction methods.

Those interested in obtaining cabinet design software should know that there are free alternatives to software that is sold in retail stores. Users should prioritize their needs and select a software package based on his role as either a home owner or a commercial builder. Free trials and demos may exist for users who would like to try a specific software package before buying it.


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