What Is Butterscotch Bread?

Megan Shoop

Butterscotch bread is typically a dessert-style quick bread that includes some kind of butterscotch flavoring. There are several ways give this bread its warm, velvety flavor, including extracts, flavored chips, or brown sugar. Cooks often add other flavors to butterscotch bread as well, depending on the time of year and their personal tastes. Many seasonal fruits and squashes taste good with butterscotch, so this recipe has many variations.

Red bananas can be used to make butterscotch bread.
Red bananas can be used to make butterscotch bread.

Many recipes for butterscotch bread mimic the flavor of butterscotch candies by mixing equal parts dark brown sugar and buttermilk. Brown sugar has much the same deeply sweet flavor of traditional butterscotch, while the buttermilk typically gives the bread richness and a slight tang. Cooks often add a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves to the bread to enhance the flavors and help them marry. Pumpkin and apple pie spice mixes may also work well.

Grated apples can give a little extra sweetness to butterscotch bread.
Grated apples can give a little extra sweetness to butterscotch bread.

Those using butterscotch chips for flavoring typically have two options. The first is to simply pour the chips into the bread batter. The cook must carefully stir the batter to distribute the chips evenly and keep them from sinking to the bottom of the baking pan. The second option involves melting the butterscotch chips and pouring the resulting glaze into the batter. This method usually infuses every part of the batter with butterscotch flavor.

Both tropical and autumn produce often mix well into butterscotch bread, bringing out the bread’s sweetness while adding another facet of flavor. Mashed pumpkin, butternut squash, and yams are three delicious options for harvest breads. Grated apples and carrots often give this pastry a dose of vitamins, as well as extra sweetness. Tropical options include mashed bananas, particularly sweet red bananas, and coconut. Some might try pineapple and citrus, but these fruits may be too tart to blend well with the intense sweetness of the butterscotch.

Both plain and fruited versions of butterscotch bread may benefit from a light drizzle of cinnamon glaze, chocolate topping, or a smudge of peanut butter. Those that really love the flavor of butterscotch could press a handful of chips into the top of the pastry while it is still warm. The chips should melt slightly, creating a fudgy frosting.

There are a number of ways to serve butterscotch bread. It may be crumbled over ice cream or served on its own. Some like to dip it in coffee while others like to soak it in milk and eat it with a spoon. Those hosting dinner parties might serve it with a warm fruit and nut compote or sweet honey butter.

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