What Is Brick Oven Pizza?

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One of the oldest techniques for making good pizza is to use a masonry built brick oven. The brick oven pizza is cooked in a large brick oven made from motor and stone. It is typically heated with either wood or gas. The oven is made in an oval, dome shape with a large opening at the front for the pizza.

A brick oven pizza has a fresh, fire-baked taste. The oven walls hold heat at a consistent temperature for a longer duration than standard ovens, which makes the pizza cook more evenly. The pizza is typically cooked directly on the brick surface, giving it a crispy texture.

Building a brick oven is a moderate construction task that requires some basic skills and a thorough understanding of masonry concepts and design. The oven must be assembled on a level concrete slab and is made from cinder block and bricks. Many homeowners choose a brick oven as an outdoor barbecue pit, which is a great option for making homemade brick oven pizza.

Brick oven pizza restaurants are popular around the world. These pizza parlors specialize in pizzas made in brick and motor ovens. The pizza has a unique flavor and is typically cooked in small brick ovens heated with natural wood or gas. The ovens are typically smaller than their metal counterparts, but provide a unique flavor.


Solid brick ovens have been used for many centuries. The oven has a special heating chamber, where wood is placed under the slab cooking area. This produces evenly distributed heat that is absorbed into the bricks and mortar material, allowing the oven to stay hot for long periods.

The brick oven pizza has a natural wood flavor that is similar to food cooked with barbecue smoke. These ovens can easily cook a variety of pizza dough types including thin, hand-tossed, and thick crust.

A brick oven is a hand-built creation that may have an artistic element. A professional mason experienced in building ovens assembles each oven by hand. The interior portion of the oven uses a generic slab, but many ovens have a motif design on the outer walls, making each a personal work of art.


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