What is Breakfast Pizza?

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Breakfast pizza is a fun and tasty recipe that combines many favorite breakfast foods into a single dish that is cut and sliced in the same manner as pizza. It is easy to make and fun to serve at brunches or just for something different at the breakfast table. While modeled after traditional Italian pizza, this morning fare offers a new twist that creates a truly American pizza.

Bacon can make a good topping for breakfast pizza.
Bacon can make a good topping for breakfast pizza.

As with any type of pizza, the process begins by preparing a crust. The difference is that with a breakfast pizza, the crust is made using the usual ingredients that go into biscuits. For people who wish to take a short cut, it is possible to use a tube of biscuits from the dairy case of the supermarket. Simply combine all the biscuits in the tube into one large mass of dough, flour the surface lightly, and roll the dough into a thin crust. Place the crust in a round pizza pan, making sure that the dough goes all the way to the edges.

Parmesan cheese can be used to top a breakfast pizza.
Parmesan cheese can be used to top a breakfast pizza.

Next comes the meat for the breakfast pizza. There are several options for the choice of meats. One choice is to crumble and brown ground sausage that is distributed evenly over the biscuit dough crust. Other people prefer to use strips of bacon that are pan fried and crumbled. For people who like lots of meat, use bacon and sausage.

Following the layer of meat comes a layer composed of an abundance of grated cheese. While cheddar is the most traditional option, it is possible to use other types or even mixtures of several cheeses for this layer. As with the layer of meat, make sure the cheese is distributed evenly over the surface of the crust.

No breakfast pizza is complete without the addition of eggs. Beat eggs with a small amount of milk and season with salt and pepper. Pour the egg mixture over the meat and cheese, taking care to make sure the egg mixture does not spill over the lip of the pizza pan. Just before slipping the pizza into the oven, add a small amount of Parmesan cheese on top.

Most recipes for a breakfast pizza call for cooking the dish no longer than twenty-five minutes. When the pizza is done, simply cut the pizza into slices and serve on a plate with a few chunks of mixed fruit. For people who like to dress up the recipe a bit, adding a little salsa and a dollop of sour cream to each slice will add visual interest as well as more flavor.

While it is not likely that anyone will see breakfast pizza prepared in an Italian-style pizzeria, there are a few large pizza chains that have began to offer the dish for early and mid-morning dining. Considered more of a meal than the breakfast wraps offered at many fast food restaurants, a slice of this morning pizza requires sitting down for the meal and taking time to savor all the flavors of the ingredients. As an easy dish to make at home, breakfast pizza is great for weekend mornings or for a brunch get together any time.

Eggs are one of the main ingredients in any breakfast pizza.
Eggs are one of the main ingredients in any breakfast pizza.

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I try to make a healthy breakfast pizza by using turkey bacon or meatless "sausage" crumbles. I use a whole grain pita bread as the crust. If it's just me in the house, I'll skip the meat altogether and make a vegetarian breakfast pizza.


I had a breakfast pizza at a local buffet restaurant a few years ago and thought it was a great idea. The idea of having pizza for breakfast didn't sound good, but I was thinking along the lines of a spicy pie with tomato sauce and pepperoni slices. The breakfast pizzas on that brunch table were either vegetarian or made with bacon and sausage.

I tried to make breakfast pizza with a traditonal crust at home, but the results weren't as good as I hoped. After reading this article, I think I'm going to try using canned biscuit dough instead.

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