What is BP Manager&Trade;?

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BP Manager™ is a dietary supplement used to maintain a healthy blood pressure. The "BP" stands for "blood pressure." Natural medicine and nutritional supplement distributor Enzymatic Therapy introduced BP Manager™ in 2005. It is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The blood pressure supplement comprises five herbal ingredients, each playing a part in curbing hypertension, the clinical term for high blood pressure. Hawthorn extract from the Crataegus oxyacantha leaf and flower is instrumental in balancing the body's fluid and sodium levels. The dandelion, or Taraxacum officinale, leaf retains fluid. Lycopene, a pigment that is commonly found in tomatoes and other red fruits or vegetables, assists in the health of the heart's arteries. The stevia rebaudiana and olive leaf extracts generally support the other ingredients in retaining healthy blood pressure levels.

BP Manager™ is manufactured as a white tablet measuring 7/8 of an inch (2.2 cm) in length. Moreover, it contains 519 milligrams of the combination of the aforementioned ingredients. Patients are instructed to take one tablet three times a day with their meals. According to recent studies, patients show a lowering of their blood pressure level when they use BP Manager™ three times daily for a period of eight weeks.


It is important to note that BP Manager™ is not considered a drug and does not treat blood pressure. The FDA forbids any company from claiming that the dietary supplements they manufacture diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. People who take BP Manager™ still need to adhere to the common ways of maintaining good blood pressure in conjunction with the dietary supplement. This includes eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and low-fat diary products; reducing salt, sugar, and corn syrup intake; and practicing food-portion control.

Also worthy of note is the potential increase of the functions of medications taken with BP Manager™. Such medications actually include drugs used to lower blood pressure. BP Manager™ may also accelerate antiarrhythmics, which are a class of drugs named after the clinical term for abnormal heart rhythms. Enzymatic Therapy does not recommend BP Manager™ for people who are pregnant. As of early 2011, there is no substantial documentation of adverse effects from use of BP Manager™, or interactions between the blood pressure supplement and pharmaceuticals or other supplements, but it is still advisable for users to consult with their physicians as a precautionary measure.


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